Friday 3 August 2018

£900K? A real steal.

On waking this morning it was blowy, I wouldn't say there were white tops to the water, but it was blowy alright.  David was unbothered so we set off with our Fine Company of daughter Verity and SIL* Mitch.

The wind picked up and up as we went along and arriving at the Lock at Pangbourne, I was on the front, David brought the boat in quite nicely against the lock landing, beyond that was the weir, which I didn't even think about.
"Ooooo I thought you were going to have an accident then"  he said to me as we went into the lock, 
"Coming down there at that speed into the wind with that current....." 
He continued, what do you mean? I asked  "Do you think its too windy for us today then? I asked? " We've got a big engine....."
Oh no I'm not saying that.....
By now I had gone past him, but as he walked back to my end he advised that we ask the lock keeper at the next lock if he advises boating as below that lock the wind really swirls and yesterday there was an incident!!

Well Reader, we certainly have boated in windy conditions, we do have a powerful Beta 50 engine plus bow thrusters and boats were in sight coming towards us, on leaving the Pangbourne lock (and lock keeper), there were on or two spaces on the meadows and David asked me if I wanted to moor up, but frankly I didn't and we continued to the next lock.  As we went in, I asked the lock keeper if it was ok and what did he think about the wind?
He advised me not to eat cabbage but enjoy the boating!!  He called the other Lock Keeper a woose, however yo spell that.

Verity and Mitch, he is a very keen Pokeamon player and being on a boat deceives the game into thinking he is walking a long way (Its a boy thing!)

You might tell form his T shirt.

This was a shock!  The moorings at Tesco's  Reading without any boats there!  What's going on?

This thing crept up on us and kept coming and coming even though we were approaching a lock. 

I love these dogs, Newfoundlands, I am trying to illustrate just how windy it became.

Not remotely funny, a Hen Do, the gales got them pinned against the side, well just a bit funny.


I suggested they give up and go to the nearby pub, they replied laughing that they had just been to the pub and that's what was causing the trouble!!!

Here it is again, I'm sure many take a picture of the "Grand Designs" house, I am ever so slightly thawing to this although I really do think it sticks out like a sore thumb in this situation.

I am quite liking the chairs, I couldn't bare the fact that all these Readers could stare into my lounge.

These game rowers had a fair bit of trouble getting out of the lock just above Henley, double oars each and they got blown against the lock sides keeping the cruisers behind them waiting.

Then lastly this great monster was holding what we thought was a wedding  reception, I think the Ladies got their hair messed up.

So getting into Henley, I got the binocs out and spotted one space, what was to be the last mooring on the park.
It was between two posh looking cruisers.....  David asked me if I wanted to ask them if they could move up, I did call out to them and the young man gave me the thumbs up, so they pulled their cruiser up and I had the front trying to keep WaL from making a hole in the cruiser in front of me, in a gale, with the path full of promenaders who weren't really wanting to get out the bloody way.

Up at the stern David Mitch and Verity were hanging on for dear life with the wind wanting to blow WaL out into the river again,  as the older man (Probably the father of the cheery chappie who had said yes we'll move), out of my hearing he first said that you won't get in, we got in, then he said you won't get a stake in there its too hard, David got a stake in actually for his cruiser, then he said they don't want you staking as its a public footpath, so David put one of our bright orange stake covers, then he said well when are you leaving, you can't leave me without a stake....  David said we're not going tomorrow as its due to rain all day.  This news made his face drop even more.  

Don't get me wrong Reader, we were very grateful that he and his son pulled their cruiser back, David thanked he repeatedly and profusely but I think the man regretted it for whatever reason I don't know apart from we are metal and big.
They departed after breakfast without a backward glance.
Cruiser owners eh? 

We enjoyed the evening playing cards, and enjoying fine  wine.
Reader you may be interested to know that this property on an Island in the centre of Henley is on the market.  It has its own mooring and no public coming past, its a cool £900K but the downside is there is no car access so you have to have a wee boat to get to it, you have to sort out all deliveries and rubbish collection.  
I'm going to pass.  

Supper was lamb burgers, couscous salad and sweet potato wedges then peach and raspberry tart with extra thick cream.

* Son-in-law


  1. Great blog Lisa .... I meant to ask you ... where did you get those lovely lamb burgers that we had on the bbq last week?

    1. Ah, they are good aren’t they? I much prefer lamb to beef.
      Waitrose, I buy them if I see them.

      Lisa x

    2. I bought Waitrose beef burgers from their butchery counter in Market Harborough: absolutely yummy, and given the seal of approval by our son who generally makes his own. The grandsons were impressed too, so I wouldn't knock their beef burgers, ladies... And I don't like lamb burgers - in fact I only like lamb roasted which is very remiss of me as an NZer! Mxx
      PS Thinking of you today, Lisa - we are moored just through Bridge 51. The cows in the field opposite say hello!

    3. So today spiced lamb and apricot burgers are three packs for £10. Marilyn you mean my canal, my mooring and my cows n'est pas?
      I miss to there..... We'll have to make a winter trip out there this year as we are a bit busy....