Thursday 16 August 2018

I can't see a bloody thing.... lets make coffee.

We were on a bit of a mission today, we were meeting friends Andy and Sarah from NB Enceladus    HERE   yet again we were off home for reasons beyond our control, but nothing nasty, Sarah and Andy were going to do us a favour of moving WaL up river so that we could have a bit of time in the upper reaches of the Thames and go to Lechlade.  To do this we were going DOWN river.......  yes yes I was wondering about this logic but I am not in charge of logistics.

Actually when this idea was mooted while we were all in France on that great yoghurt pot boat, Sarah immediately came up with us all eating out at a special restaurant in Bray....  No not that one where they once served deep fried door mice or bats or something but an Italian.
We love all things Italian.

So much to David's delight it was a very early start from Henley this morning, 06:30pm  but Reader be assured I was up and even dressed.  We were button to button on the moorings so we pushed out as quietly as we possibly could with no bow thrusting going on at all.

I'll let the photos tell the story....

But I'll include this shot from way before, I'm trying to illustrate the size of some of these cruisers, and when you are in a lock with one they simply tower over you.

Out of the side hatch looking slightly upstream, the sun just appearing and a thin misty layer over the river.

Iconic view of Henley, The Angel-on-the-Bridge pub and the beautiful bridge, I had asked David to turn the boat so I could get this shot.

First boat of the day moving and you can see a bit more mist the other side of the bridge.

Look carefully and you can just make out the barges taking out the pillars in the river used for the Regattas, they have signs on them for you to go one way or the other, they have almost completed this task.

First of the suns rays on the posh houses that have boat garages underneath.

The Leander Rowing club, quite a few  famous faces rowed there, Sir Steve Redgrave  & Sir Mathew Pinsent  HERE.

Leander Rowing Club

Mist getting a bit thicker....

These are the structures that are being removed, we knew they were there, but could be a little bit of a hazard if you didn't.

The moorings on the left from where we had watched the Regatta.

Oh my word, suddenly we were a bit swamped by the mist, but to be sure the rowers wouldn't be out in this mist, would they....?

I'm pulling in for ten minutes says David, so we inched over to the side to wait.

Cleared a bit so we set off again slow as can be.  The Temple

Gawd its thickening up again.

So this rower appeared out of the gloom, as he approached us remember he is facing the other way..... we were stopped or virtually stopped and didn't hear him coming, but he missed us, just.

He didn't seem unduly bothered....

So just as quickly as the mist enveloped us, it lifted and we were warm.  

The Danesfield House and Spa

A simply stunning wooden day launch.

Bourne End, the cows spa, see how the sky had changed, 

Mine and everybody's favourite pub The Bounty, no road access to here, you walk via a bridge or boat.  They do the very best Sticky toffee pudding I have ever had.

Quite a sight to see an old Dutch Barge with the mast erected

Look at the size of that rudder and tiller and look at that flag?  Initially I had thought it an LGBT flag, but no.....  any guesses?

Wonderful sight.

Well we arrived at Cookham, our intended meeting place and not many moments too soon as the heavens opened and  poured, we hadn't been expecting that!  It was a little after 10:30am as as we decided on which spot would serve us the best, the other slots filled up and certainly within the hour all spaces were taken!  The first time that we have had that this year on the Thames as we feel it had been pretty quiet, but of course its August.

The fine company arrived, their car was planted up river and we drove into Bray for what was an amazing meal.  Wish I knew where we went!  
Later that evening we drove home.


  1. Great pictures Lisa! As you know I really can't understand why anyone would row/drive/move backwards with no mirrors at least!

    1. Yep a bit nuts aren't they...? Of course its always the boats fault if you collide.

  2. Had to be Caldesi Campagna?

    1. Sue you are completely correct! Thank you

  3. Stunning misty photos Lisa, and the tip about the Bounty I may just try one day.

    1. Dear Ade,
      I was lucky with those shots being at the right place at the right time. David says its always lovely early mornings.....
      Yep the Bounty id great, do go. How much fun did you have in Woolacombe?