Tuesday 31 July 2018

Lovely day boating but horrors tomorrow.

We were on a tiny bit of a schedule to meet our youngest daughter this weekend coming, but if you can believe it Reader I had to pop home again.  

So as Carol proved that I can get out of bed in the mornings when the need is really there, we departed very quietly from the mooring beside Still Rockin'.  We thought we were quiet but up they both popped and assured us that we hadn't wakened them, it was 5:30am and warm.

View from my kitchen window here.

First night here, not a breath of wind.

Supper the second night.

The very lovely Still Rockin'

We waved and crept away as the sun was just poking its head over the trees.   
The first lock, so at this hour its on DIY, but as I remembered when we brought our young family on a holiday on the Thames 26 years ago, the locks were locked overnight and also during their 1-2pm lunch hours.  The queues built up seemingly at every lock and you waited for the lock keeper to direct you into a particular spot.  
Its all changed.

I went off to set the lock, it was empty, and after reading the instructions twice, nothing happened, I read them again and slowly it dawned on me that the downstream paddles are left open.  So down to the other end to close them first then try again.  This lock took a full 20 mins to fill ooooooooh sooooooo slowly, David got the brush out and started rinsing down the boat.  Finally we got in and the lock emptied completely in five minutes flat.  Keeps you guessing.

This young Redkite was calling piteously for ages yesterday and again this am

First ones on the water.

HERE  Almost three years ago we walked up this hill shown below with companions Lesley and Joe (With whom we've just been to France with).  It was a fine walk but not time this trip just now anyway.

So on we went and by the time we got two locks further on we'd met up with another narrowboat and a large expensive cruiser.  I asked if they would prefer if we went in first, if she was worried about us, so we could go alongside the other narrowboat and the lady driver said yes we could but no she wasn't worried!  Quite a surprise as I have known other cruiser owners who HATE a steel hulled narrowboat even in the same lock. 

David, who is extremely good at maths, quickly worked out that we could all fit in together (Reader even I could work that out too)  well it was easy once we knew the length of the lock!!!!   David promised to reverse out again if they couldn't fit.  We were actually last in the queue but all well and good and off we shot to Abingdon.  Spaces available both sides here....  David fitted us in to the left side  going downstream as he'd seen that we were going to under the trees and out of the sun. Hurrah...

Much later at about the hottest time of day the sun came around and we were in full sun.  Nevertheless it was a great mooring and we walked to Waitrose almost killing ourselves carrying beers, ginger beer, milk and lemonade for Pimms, plus some food.

Second lock this morning

This went on quite a bit... from where I'm sitting he's got his mouth in the water and I'm not sure about that.

Supper was egg salad.  David had fetched the car for me to make an 8:30am departure for home in the morning.  Our house has been lent to my lovely niece and my sister for them all to enjoy a beach holiday in our absence....  I might stay with them and avoid the dentist.