Sunday, 22 April 2018

Saddington back down to Foxton

So the time had to come when we got a bit low on water, lovely heat and two showers a day plus boat washing.  
So we moved, up to the turny place immediately before the Saddington Tunnel.  It was glorious for sure.

The sun shone, the skies were blue, the birds twittered and I was smiling.

This was as we passed Debdale again, they are not on their wee island this year, no eggs yet.

We thought the hedgerows had greened up in the few days since we passed here.

After much pontificating we decided to wait and see if the water point was empty before the Foxton Flight.  
It was, so we filled up and David started scrubbing the green cratch cover, which should be black.

He's not keen on me having control of the hose, especially if I'm in a playful mood. 

Closeup of Blackthorn.  Its rather lovely.

Well Reader you'll be pleased to know that the cratch cover has come up very clean, this was mainly due to David inadvertedly using the product at 500 times the suggested rate, but also due to his arm action, this man has great arm action.
Must replace cratch cleaner.

Around the corner in the basin proper there weren't any boats moored so we jumped on one that is 24hrs in the full sunshine.  

We had dwinks in the pretty garden of Bridge 61 and I made a mental note to plant orange tulips with my existing purple ones as they have have done here that look so eye-catching.

Back to WaL, showers, naps in the sunny cratch and off out on a second treat inside a week!  

We went here  HERE
The Lighthouse.  Its a sister restaurant to Boboli both located in Kibworth.

Favourite aperitifs, Apero Spritz.

Supper was terrific, I had smoked salmon with ponzu salad, (Which was grapefruit and pomegranate) followed by scallops with asparagus peas pancetta and mint.  Dessert was lemon posset with raspberries.  David chose the wine, glad I didn't like it as I was driving, David drank almost all the wine and he was the one who woke at 3am as a result.

Well and truly a treat.  We'll definitely return here.

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