Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Oh the sun.... Oh the passion (fruit).

Today started well.  David was absent, I wasn't frozen and the sun was shining when I ventured to take a bung out...

The sky and cut were blue.

Well David returned and supplied tea, then tentatively asked what I wanted to do today.  He was surprised and pleased when I said lets polish the boat!

Don't you just love how all the lambs are looking at the camera?  David is a Lamb Whisperer!

So we started, he washes, I rinse, he puts on and I buff.  
Yesterday at the marina the gunnels were green with algae from being in the shade all winter I think, it certainly looked worse than it was, after washing the side David brushed it with canal water as a first attempt.  On a slightly hilarious note, a man walked by with three large dogs, one cocked his leg and peed right in the bucket!!!!  The man was embarrassed, apologetic and washed out the bucket himself.  If he hadn't of been so nice I doubt I would have laughed.

Pleased with ourselves on completing one side, it seemed a good time to visit our favourite restaurant in Leicestershire,   HERE  it was just 2.2 miles from the boat.  I've told you all about it before and I'm going to keep on telling you till all of you have been there.  
Fabulous choice, I wanted about eight things but settled on;

Gnocchi followed by this salad of smoked trout, new potatoes and pancetta, dessert was chocolate and almond cake with mascarpone and passion fruit.  Oh golly moses it was good and we sat out in the Italian sun too.

Books and coffee was served here later;

The first of many I hope

David is right now listening to the weather forecast for the next few days.  I've voted to stay put whilst the sun lasts... (No one tell our Boat Sharers we're on the boat and not moving).

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