Monday 12 October 2015

We plough the fields and scatter.... or we used to at any rate.

We left after a relaxed breakfast, as it happened just moments after NB DulcieBlue.  No set plans except that we really did want to get TV coverage tonight for the Rugby match, Wales v Australia.  We figured to go the Welford Arm moorings.  I started off on deck then as the cold air was rushing past my ears, I offered to make my beloved a nice coffee, anything to warm up inside with the Reflex Stove going strong on setting 0.75!!!!

The scenery here on the Leicester Arm is amongst the best of any of the canals on the whole system.  David and I usually go up and down several times during the boating year but not this year, we left going north from Debdale Marina back in April and so its been a whole year since we were enjoying it here, so we are not in any hurry.

Wal's mooring last night, another glorious blue sky day.

NB DulcieBlue moored up behind us, this is Chris touching up his paint work.

I love the sun shining through this yellow tree.

Five minutes around the corner here is a red tree.

Its just possible that they might need to trim back the foliage along here.

We landed a couple of hours later about a mile south of the Welford Arm.  
David enjoyed a little bit of farming for a while, he hasn't done that in a while.  We walked over the fields towards Welford village to The Whalf pub for a tasty lunch.  I ordered medium haddock, and David ordered large haddock for only £1 extra as he was hungry.  When it came I had a good sized piece of fish and David had two the same size as mine!! 

Three tractors going hell for leather.

Little wheat seeds that have been scattered on the path.

Here are the others that got planted.

Fabulously gnarled oak

The canal and WaL is just down there in those trees

Great face.

Now then here is a bit of fun poking, at this old farm buildings conversion in Welford it has a public footpath that passes right the way through the centre, on the concrete pathway, we walked through to look at the view on the other side.  So as you can see this larger property on the right hand side is all one home, as we walked alongside it we can see right the way into their lounge kitchen and dining room..... Who would want that?

It was tidy.   Just as I finished taking snaps the owner arrived home in a range rover to see us sniggering.

Lunch was haddock and chips (David had mushy peas big yuk).  Rugby was very exciting I think the Aussies will win it.

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