Thursday 8 October 2015

Green chocolate anyone?

 So we should have maybe waited another 24 hours before removing the cratch cover to take to the repair shop, however we didn't even think about it until after the monsoon yesterday.
WaL looks a bit naked today, her well deck has leaves mud and rainwater in it instead of the more usual carpet and cushions.

It was great to have a very quick catch up with Dave and Jo from NB Panacea.  This lovely couple joined us earlier in the year for the Great WC.  For those who are unsure, this was the day back in early June when ourselves and four other boats Crossed the Wash.   HERE  

Lovely to see you both again today unexpectedly.  Have a good trip "Up North" for the winter both.

So leaving Braunston this morning we teamed up a lovely couple who's names I forgot to ask even though we all chatted the whole way up.  Their lovely boat NB Adagio is on its way to Crick Marina where its going to be put up for sale if anyone wants to buy it.  More scary was that it had not long had a new paint job that I did't want David to touch!

It would be good if this hazard was cleared away don't you think?

The entrance to the tunnel here at Braunston

The best attempt I made at recording the view from inside the tunnel.

 When we came out of the tunnel there was a kingfisher on a branch right over my head, he didn't flinch let alone fly off.  Too soon to get a photo unfortunately.

This was given to me by Lesley...Its green alright.

See the flavour?  Its delicious too thank you Lesley xx

This is the Oh so pretty garden today, full of colour.

We met a boat right on the turn here, this is Norton Juncton, where the GU meets The Leicester Arm of The Grand Union
Now I have included this under the heading of whimsey, David met this gent early one morning, he was out shopping with his pony.

 We moored up in a nice space here at Norton Juncton.  I met Sarah here, she has an interesting blog
HERE   They have been on the Thames and on the River Wey too however she has always been too far ahead of us to meet.  So that was another nice surprise.

Supper was sausages courgettes sautéd with rosemary carrots and french beans

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