Tuesday 13 October 2015

Ratty and Wally

This was our mooring yesterday.  Great spot, did I even say that we love the Leicester Arm?  

A cold morning but I am enjoying the Reflex Stove being lit.  Its a tad unfortunate that David's internal temperature is about 10 degrees higher than mine so after a 'Full and frank discussion' about the stove it now is on and staying on.  
There was  a real risk that I might have been forced to say if the stove goes off then I go off the boat.  A dangerous ploy I know as he could have well stayed out another two months or so and been very happy too..... however a peaceful understanding was reached.

Welford Arm moorings had a few boats on them today.  The Arm turning is at the top on the right.

 A glorious green tunnel as we trundled along toward the Husbands Bosworth tunnel

Out the other side and the rear of a boat we recognised came into view, it was Sarah helming NB DulcieBlue.  They had spent the night down at Welford on the Welford Arm.

This was our destination.  We always make a point of stopping here.  I believe it to be the most lovely spot in Leicestershire, if not the UK.  
The Laughton Hills.

So this has popped up since we were last here.  I am trying to learn to like these but.....

Parked up, tupperware in hand and we're off, yes of course blackberrying.  This is a grand location for them, I can't tell you in detail where to go  but its up that hill behind him.  Although the majority had been had, we picked plenty and David had already brought a carrier bag of bramleys from a garden gate on his bicycling travels the other day.
Ready Steady.... PEEL!!!

Now I do reckon this is the last butterfly I shall see this year... can anyone tell me which it is?

That's WaL's nose you can just see.

What a man eh?  Winter and still no trousers.

Look at this lovely long stretch of straight mooring..

So why the heck did this lone boat moor up right on top of us?  I am the first one to move up button to button on moorings but flipping heck mate did you have to?

On previous visits here I have been lucky enough to sit, for a while, in silence, not moving and spy "Ratty"  yes water voles.  One spring there was a mother with two babies in turns playing and getting on her tummy.  I sat in the cratch and did see one fleetingly a couple of time flit through the reeds, they seem to spend the time between the reeds and the bank side.  Its a privilege to view, so sorry I wasn't able to get any photos though.

Supper was rump steak, wedges, french beans and broccoli then clearly blackberry & apple with cream.


  1. Hello Lisa, your butterfly is a Comma, here's some info https://www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/2011/research/wildlife-responds/
    Loving the Autumn blogs and photos, thank you. Caroline

  2. Dear Both,
    Than you for that, I had no idea. I once went to buy a butterfly book, but on seeing how many there are and how similar they are and they don't sit still for long I decided against it.
    Thank you too for your comments on the pictures, but really, these colours sing all on their own without much help.

  3. Lisa, David and I loved the Leicester Arm too - some of our new favourite mooring spots are there: some we have stopped at and some we plan to use when we come back next year.
    I noticed when we were along that stretch that the blackberries were still available. Are they particularly late this year or in that spot? Elsewhere they seemed to have finished.
    Spring rain back here in Waikanae this morning ...
    Cheers, Marilyn

  4. Dear Marilyn,
    Had a lovely winter/summer? When are you UK bound or are you already here?