Sunday 11 October 2015

God a real drip!

We left Norton Junction this morning at my convenience, that is when I had finished reading my good book in bed.  (Sarah and Chris from NB Dulcieblue) had already gone.  

Another beautiful morning of blue skies that gradually clouded up as the day went on.  This photo is really for any gardeners to appreciate,  a simply stunning example of mother nature doing planting design, the two bushes growing through one another.

We passed by NB Dodona moored up here.  She was positively gleaming in the sunshine and you can read about her here    HERE  

Onto The Watford Flight.  We watered up at the bottom, while David this time, walked up the flight to locate the Lock Keeper here who keeps the note book with boat names of all those queueing.  
We have always been lucky here and as there wasn't another boat in sight we thought it would be straight in, however six boats had just gone up and with five waiting at the top so we were in for a long wait.  I didn't mind as I changed the bed, loaded photos up for the blog, made coffee, wrote a letter and prepped supper but David got twitchy....

Last two boats coming down.

The Lockie had us move up the two very bottom locks as the first two boats passed us going down to wait in the pounds.  

Altogether we were there for two hours.  But I have to say that I simply LOVE these locks only marginally less than Foxton so I really don't mind how long we wait.

The entrance to the Crick tunnel, very very drippy.

Yes Crick tunnel was very wet today, we did have a mini monsoon when we were in Braunston a few days ago but frankly Crick tunnel is drippy even in the height of a  summer drought.  
The water point was empty just past the tunnel so we stopped there to hose off the roof of the drips as the water in that tunnel has "Hard to shift deposits" that are not frightfully good for the paints  work, seeing as we have polished the roof already.

Not completely sure how it came to be here or how long ago the is boat arrived here....

We went past Yalvertoft Marina and headed for our favourite mooring on the Leicester Arm, Bridge 22 we call it. 
I apologised to Sarah and Chris for crashing their mooring but I explained to Sarah that this is our very favourite mooring and we always make a point of stopping here.  

NB Dulcieblue

Look carefully and you may spot a wind turbine, that wasn't here last visit.  I am not sure I approve.

Supper was Thai chicken curry, with the last of the courgette and lime cake I made.  Green all around.

Post Script:  David was not "Twitchy" he tells me, he made phone calls and used the time wisely in a definite "Non Twitchy" manner.
I still say twitchy.

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