Saturday 3 October 2015

Sun, hearts and Doodles

So we left Kings Sutton pretty early but without any cross words.  In fact David went out with my camera and took these pretty good shots of the mist lifting, I was very impressed with the results.  Even if he did burst into the bedroom, whipping out the bungs thus blinding me to ask how to switch it on.

David brought me my first camera before we married, an Olympus Trip, anyone as old as me might remember that.
Its quite amazing how the light changes in just a few minutes at that time of day.

Kings Sutton church in the distance.

I confess I don't see this event terribly often.

Sorry if they were a bit repetitive however I like the differences.

So onto Banbury, we wanted to do a supermarket sweep at Morrisons.  In the past we haven't found a mooring near to it so have sailed by, but today Bingo and then after looking at the list David decided he could do it himself.  (He thinks I buy too many of the wrong things, I thinks he is hateful and never buys me chocolate or Kettle chips)  but him shopping left me free to go to have a manicure.  
Yes really.
We met back at the boat and pushed off again.  We had met a couple who had overnighted in the Town centre the week and said there was a lot of drunken noise.  They won't be stopping there again.  I wonder if the Police should patrol a bit more there?

David has been told that this wee place has cheap diesel but we haven't yet found him to be open...  Nice and tidy though. 

This pair of Labra-Doodles were on a hire boat.   I love them.

These crocheted hearts were on the gates of the locks around Banbury.  Do they mean something? 

I was sad to see not much if any progress on the is "Local Boater Owned" cottage.  I guess the problem is financial.

These Elderberry leaves are so beautiful, but the rain coming will probably strip them quickly.

I am very fond of stone walls.

Love the black berries against the yellow leaves.
Yep here I am driving again.

We moved onto towards Cropredy.  The boat we had been following along through the locks was on the water point STILL.    This is because they had arrived there and had a cup of tea, then and only then, as we approached the water point did they come out of the boat with the hose.... 

We moored up above the lock and although the sun was most enticing  we played Ready Steady wash the boat and then polish it.

Supper was sausages, sweet potato wedges steamed carrots and french beans.  
Can you guess what dessert was?


  1. Well it is brave of you to admit it but you really should rein in your drunken exploits when in have obviously disturbed other boater's.
    X Lesley

  2. Lesley I have never been drunk in my life.

  3. David just read this and says I am telling whoppers.