Wednesday 7 October 2015

Old friends

 We left the delightful mooring on the South Oxford about an hour south of Braunston at sunrise.  Now this sounds a bit mad however we had our reasons.  To be the first (Or among the first) customers into AJ Canopies  for repairs to the cratch cover, (David did the tears Reader pas moi) plus I wanted to have new zips put in.  
We were creeping through the moorings when whom did I spy but NB Waterlily.
We had known they were or had been in the general area but we quite thought they had left to get back to the Wild and Woolly north.  But here they were.  We met them first two years ago when we were waiting in the queue to go through Teddington Lock and onto the tidal Thames to Brentford and then again last year when they appeared as if like magic on the K&A at Hungerford.

This boating malarky is so brilliant for making friends.

Sun up through my kitchen porthole that view sent me quickly onto the back deck.

Golden light

Sun up shining on the fields

The light changes every minute at this time of night.

I love gates, I always want to go through them.

Golden light on a golden tree.

The famous double bridge here at Braunston

I have finally returned Pauline's plate

We breasted up against Waterlily with Neil and Pauline for a quick chat, they were leaving Braunston after breakfast.  
I was able to return her plate when she had given us a plate of homemade cakes on last year, I was so thrilled but it wasn't until later and they had sailed downstream and us upstream that I remembered that I hadn't returned it!

The cakes were delicious thank you again.  
Come in for coffee says she..... Oooooooh thanks says I taking off my boots and getting comfy.  Coffee and hot buttered toast with homemade strawberry jam was produced and devoured, how nice that tastes in these days of muesli and granola!!! 
Tad dar... they changed their sailing off plans and stayed put so that we could get the jobs done and have supper together... Rain was due late morning, so we rolled up the cratch cover and walked it in the bike basket to the shop.  
I walked up to the village whilst David went off to fetch the car,  the sky was as black as my mothers hat, I doubted he would get the twelve miles cycled without getting wet.... I was right.  He returned later soaked but smiling and recovered in a hot shower.

Supper onboard Waterlily was lasagna, salad, garlic bread and as I contributed dessert, you can guess what that was can't you?  Yes blackberry and apple crumble with oaty topping and cream.

copyright belongs to Pauline.  Thank you again for a great evening.

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