Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ooooo What a lovely pair!!

So here we are again, happy as can be...  We are back from the main purpose of our trip home which was indeed a wedding.

This is my family including the bride  with sunflowers, one son in law and one to be...
Much celebrating occurred and frivolity resulting in some pretty sore heads the day after however I have to report I do think it was worth it.

But now we have rejoined our boat, no longer on the river Nene, its on the Grand Union heading south. 

Gorgeous Boys

We travelled up the Nene over the course of about three weeks, our BS's (Boat Sharers) did the river in the best part of three days, down and back up again to rendezvous with Yarwood, do the flight of 17 locks to get onto the GU  (David and I dodged a good bullet there).  We arrived at Stoke Bruerne after lunch, bringing with us a blackcurrent cake for a belated modest Birthday celebration for Lesley, she is 39.... again.

Later we joined the Yars and Pip and Roger from 
NB Windsong and we all went to Spice of Bruerne which I have to say was delicious.  I had Lamb Biriani with a courgette dish and a cauliflower dish shared with the ladies.  Poor doggies dipped out as all plates were licked clean.

Today we set off after a lot of discussion at 8am, varies times had been considered involving car moving, predicted rain and lie in's but in the event I didn't get a lie in.

I was ahead but a lady popped her head out of a side hatch and said "I read her blog!"  so hello to the crew of NB Uncle Mort, sorry I didn't see you then.   David wants me to point out that he is NOT my husband....  He emphasised that a bit too quickly for my liking I have to say. 

We did the flight at Stoke Bruerne with 4 locking crew, which is a gift.  My David showed himself to be a novice by leaving up two paddles at one lock, but secrecy was sworn so don't tell anyone.


WaL and Yarwood coming in.

Joe being helpful.

Falling over spare crews.

Lesley and I locked down the flight a single boat that started just in front of us, making it quick and simple.  

Cutie on deck of NB ZigZag we locked through the flight

Lovely pair that passed us by

Afternoon Lady style boating...

Lesley's afternoon boating style.

Two boats with two sheds

Attractive statue in Milton Keynes by the canal.

Afternoon tea and cake in the sun.

Hired help painting the tiller that got mashed on the Trent.

We carried on and moored up in Milton Keynes somewhere (It all looks the same) in a nice open bit of sunshine thereupon Lesley and I sat in the sun drinking tea whilst Joe and David L did Boaty Tasks and intrepid cyclist Amanda and David cycled off to collect the car, move it south and back to the boat, estimated distance 11 or 12 miles...... Actual distance 24 miles.  

Supper was Spaghetti Bol, all ready as was an opened bottle of tasty Malbec.

Top paddles left open by Rookie Lockie.


  1. You're moored right by the tip -- it's where I stop when I've got old engine oil to get rid of. Access via Br 74, and it's about 100 yards down the hill. When I lugged a dead battery down there, it seemed like a lot further...

  2. You are exactly right Adam. We are all Newbies to this section of the GU, we reckoned it was the best stretch to moor at here.