Tuesday 9 July 2024

There's a boat coming QUICK!

 So by way of a recap, we are back from a sweltering French Boating holiday in the south west France and back to Leicester where I left off.  I am all behind like a dogs tail of course but this is partly due to Wimbledon and partly to the Euro's and partly the Rugby down under.  
Engerland (Footie) to play Holland oops sorry Bob, Netherlands next as we have a Dutch son-in-law Bob, so we'll see how that goes.

Anyway back to Leicester.
Well Reader we have enjoyed two nights here and had a fabulous time.  We have moored on the Long Straight as I refer to the riverbank through the city centre and not the floating pontoon with the secure gates.  We haven't had any problems whatsoever.  The main ancient city sights are very close to walk to, sad to say I didn't find John Lewis and more sad that the centre branch of M&S I overheard is closing this autumn.
I would come back at anytime.

So this morning we were leaving.  I was even dressed ready but without shoes when out of the side hatch came the sound of a boat engine, David drew my attention to it and I yelled back at him to ask if they were mooring or passing through to do the locks....  Well Reader they were motoring alright as you can do on deep rivers, David called loudly to the helm and he replied that they were passing through.
PULL THE PINS THEN AND CATCH THEM, I called out daintily to David...

The river was full of swans this morning although they were scarce when the boat came through.

We ran in all directions and pushed off the riverbank whacking WaL in top gear and going hell for leather to catch them up as the valuable locking buddies they were to become.

Marvellous good fortune that they had to fill the first lock and we were able to join them.

So Theresa and Andy on NB Gwelo had left their mooring at 5am to get through Leicester as they had only heard bad things about the place.  They were very surprised that we had enjoyed ourselves.  Equally were the crew of a boat we met exiting a lock also intending to get through Leicester without stopping.  These urban myths and reputations are ingrained in boat owners and hard to delete from the neuro hard drives.

We travelled with the lovely Theresa and Andy on what was a long-ish day for us but they were on a timetable to be back to work and back to the south Oxford canal mooring.  Frankly Reader it was such a help to my back and I that we were delighted to keep going.

So leaving Leicester city centre. 

Nice clean water and lilies growing.

I always like this when the old and the new live side by side.

You turn a corner and suddenly the city gives way to countryside.  An extensive area of waterparks.  I haven't seen many Herons in trees before, so here is one for you.

Not a house in sight, a short distance from the city, not many moorings though.

NB Gwelo and NB WaL somewhere on the river Soar.

Now forgive me Reader if I say I think this is Silsby Mill, however just around the corner from the mill the lady from the marina rushed over to greet our two boats, she called out that they don't get many boats coming past!

Most attractive, but I don't want to moor here, too much hard work to get anywhere.

Looking towards the weir.

The two boats leaving the lock, note despite the apparent sunshine David is in his winter fleece zipped up to the neck. 

Three cormorants coming into land.  I had wondered if we'd see or hear Kingfishers but no.

We chugged past Pilings Lock Marina.  Sadly there is no public access at the moment due to the damage done by flood waters to the pontoon or we would have stopped overnight to visit our Good Friends Geoff and Margaret of NB Seyella who are moored here.

We met Geoff and Margaret nine years ago when we all went through an amazing experience together.  Us two, The Boat Sharers, Lesley & Joe their guests Andy and Sarah, Derek and Sheila NB Clarence, plus Group Captain Geoff all crossed The Wash together.  
Something bonding and unforgettable.
Lovely Geoff got in his car and picked us up from our mooring in Loughborough and we had a fish supper altogether.

I am delighted to say that we hadn't seen them in a far too long while but they are both hale and hearty, Margaret who is well over 21 now was, as usual very funny and hasn't lost her sense of humour.

From 2015 The Wash Crossers

Left to Right;

Joe NB Yarwood, Margaret NB Seyella, Group Captain aka Geoff NB Seyella, my David, Lisa, infront Sheila from NB Clarence, David Lewis, Amanda on Lesley's lap NB Yarwood, Derek NB Clarence, Andy and Sarah Lesley's guests.

If some look familiar, that is because they are, we were all together in France this year, bar Derek and Sheila who now live in Spain. 


  1. How lovely to see Geoff and Margaret looking so well! I thought they must have sold up and moved onto that Dutch barge Geoff blogged about before he stopped blogging completely. Have they still got that lovely Romanian dog?

    1. Dear Debby,
      I'm sorry to have misled you but that photo was from 2015!!
      Margaret is looking very well though. Geoff has now sold Seyella and yes they are living on the Dutch Barge in Pilings Lock Marina. I took an sad that he's not blogging now. His was my first to read blog of the day. Lastly yes they do still have the lovely fluffy Romanian dog.
      Lisa x

  2. We loved Leicester too. Spent a very enjoyable three days there. Amazed you didn’t find John Lewis. It’s not far from Castle moorings.