Wednesday 12 August 2020

Work Party

We left Snarestone and idled our way down to a mooring that we had been told by John from NB Ploddin' Along That there was a good low mooring for painting.  Yes hard to believe it but we were going to have a bash at painting the gunnels or gunwhales as Louise calls them.

So the rubbing down started, then wiping, then the painting bit which I had already thought was way too dangerous to let David have the tray, so I did that bit.  We were rather pleased with the results...

Certainly smarter if you aren't too close, I sincerely hope Mr Lewis is pleased....

There were a couple of casualties, namely my jeans and my sandals.

I did get a bit carried away and cleaned the chrome portholes and mushrooms on one side.  Later I even did the brass sliding hatch runners which haven't seen polish for a couple of years, of course now I remember why I stopped doing it as they tarnish in about ten minutes later.

The bow is a right mess, we were going to match up the rubber tubing but didn't, but I've wanted to touch up the red for ages

Its very contagious, painting.  I now need to buy white spirit and new brushes.....

Brass runners done for this year, possibly decade.

Supper was sausages and roasted baby carrots.

Then this happened;

Stunning sunset over the Ashby.