Thursday 20 August 2020

Another scorcher.

So we continued our exit from the Ashby canal early the next morning to try to get some millage before the real heat of the day.
Here are a few shots of the journey.  It was soon very hot.

Such a sad sight of this lovely old bridge with an enormous crack in it.

I mean look at the size of it, a fair wallop

I asked these fishermen were they very early birds or all nighters, it was the later.

So looking at the previous photo of the damage done to these bridges then I was truly horrified to see this combine.  The driver kept getting off to check the width, but does he really have to use this bridge?  It was hardly meant for it.

This heron left it until the very last minute to flee, the closest I've ever got to one.


It took a couple of hours to get to the junction, but there was very little traffic and we slipped around and set course northwards.

We trawled through Nuneaton and then past this famous landmark, famous amongst boaters that is.

I was pretty sure that sure that the china sockets or cups or whatevers are getting fewer.

Shortly afterwards David spotted a great shaded spot to moor up, and we sat under a tree relaxing after what was a fairly long cruise in the heat.
We were in the shade for most of the afternoon and evening which was a godsend and we slept with all the back doors open and what little breeze there was blowing through.

Rain or storms were forecast tonight, there were a few drops then a few more, but not the promised storm, the grey clouds blew away north but it had cooled considerably thank goodness.
Rain due tomorrow in the afternoon so we'll press on to get down through the Atherstone flight beforehand.

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