Monday 10 August 2020

Never cast a clout till August is out and Blackberries

That evening we spent in the cratch, a couple did walk by, the chap started talking to David and the lovely lady to me, it started with knitting and progressed to Covid (the dreaded) and how we had all coped, then her life, she was born in Market Bosworth, had lived for a decade in Snarestone now lives in Newton Burgoland, what a brilliant name?  She filled us in on all the pubs in the area and nice walks.  Well they spent about 70 or 80 minutes talking, if it hadn't been for Covid and the distancing thing I would have invited her in.

The next day David walked down to the little shop at the terminus to join The Ashby Canal Society, and they gave him the current magazine and a few back numbers they had, I read one and they had handy hints for Boaters on the canal with shopping as not many of the surrounding villages have shops.  It also gave details of the handy bus service, the number 7 bus which runs from Measham to Atherstone and many villages in between, its in danger of being cut so an extra plead to use it or lose it.  I have included the timetable below.

The next morning we caught the bus to Congerstone where 
The Horse and Jockey for what turned out to be a marvellous meal which we tagged onto David's Birthday celebrations as those were a bit quiet this year, this means I let him choose the wine.
This pub is very close to the canal at one point so I do heartily recommend it to all.  
When we got off the bus this blue bin met my eye, it had stones in it......

It's to invite the local children to contribute to a Stone Dragon, I thought it a tremendous idea for a small community to do.  I can see in other parts of the country the stones being used as ammunition but not here in darkest Leicestershire.

Congerstone stone dragon.

The pub was fabulous with all safety considerations in place to make me feel happy, bearing in mind at home I have my mother who needs protecting.  The food was delicious and good value for money with two courses for £18.

On the way back the bus stop is situated opposite some disused farm buildings, it appears that the farms in this area were pretty small, we have seen maybe three or four farms in one village alone, these most likely were of a small size in centuries gone by and now seem to have a house a barn and a yard, all ripe for development.

David having a quick peep but didn't think this was an ex-dairy farm.

It had been cold when we went to catch the bus that morning, Reader I even had a vest on, but when we got back to Snarestone and the nice bus driver had dropped us off at The Alpaca Farm, where there are Alpacas to see, a cafe and a KNITTING SHOP, as recommended by the nice lady who I had chatted to for so long the previous evening.

When we got back to WaL, tupperware out and off we went blackberrying.  Masses of big fat juicy ones all along this straight section of new mooring.

The remainder of the evening was partly spent wondering where and how to fit the masses of blackberries into the freezer.....

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