Saturday 14 January 2017

Oh gawd not again....

So time to go home really.  
Rain was coming later today, so the plan was for David to go off biking this morning come back, pop WaL back into conveniently situated slot and naff off home.  

Spanner in the works arose when David was ages cycling and the rain arrived early meaning we had to fill with fuel in the rain, something we take care to avoid lest any water get into the fuel tank.  So with the help of cloths and an umbrella the job was done.

Eventually we were sorted and as I had stripped the bed and turned the diesel stove off we decided to brave the snow forecast and drive south, now the reason we left was that the snow was to turn into rain as we got well south, which it did, the was snow forecast the following day in Leicestershire which as all Soft Southerners know will stick around longer that far north.

Endless queues.

M1 north of the M25

 So as you can see, visibility reduced, sleet settling on the grass verges  but the road remained clear......  so why oh why did the M1 then the M25 grind pretty much to a halt from a little south of Northampton to Croydon?  Our home trip which normally takes 3.5 hours took over 7.5 hours?

Look at the above snow Reader, the other night we had nothing like that amount.

Home again and both of us are looking forward to a bit more winter cruising maybe next months and we'll actually go somewhere.

Supper was coffee, sushi and granola bars at a service station and cheese and biscuits at midnight.


  1. I expect the note to self goes something like: Rather than face traffic at a slower than narrowboat pace, I will not remonstrate with husband who arrives back to the boat later than planned, I will enlist his assistance to remake the bed and re light the diesel stove, and we will cosy up here on board, and leave early in the morning, or even after a leisurely breakfast on board which has been preceded by a beverage of my choice prepared and delivered to my bedside by said husband. ;-) Marilyn

    1. You've got a point Marilyn, but the snow was forecast in Leicestershire the next day, David wants the fuel tank kept totally topped up to prevent condensation in the tank and I didn't want to face Friday traffic on the M1.
      But more fool me.