Tuesday 10 January 2017

New Years Cruise

Well to say cruise is maybe a bit of an over statement,  Lets say Winter Flit to here and there. 

This is something we have always said we shall do, but this is now the fourth winter before its happened.  So with thermal under garments, long and thick sleeping garments we arrived at Debdale last week and boarded WaL.  It was damp feeling and dark until the bungs were removed, cold and unwelcoming but not for long.  

First things first prior to unloading the car was to get the heating on.  Had this operation failed then frankly it would have been 'Home James' on the next bus.  But no, all systems worked, including the engine, and so I kinda unpacked whilst David unloaded the car and ferried unwanted items from the boat to the car, this included the cratch carpet and associated cushions.  

After a couple of hours the Fine Company arrived, who else but our resident Boat Sharers (Or at the very least they think they are).  More unpacking, clinking of luggage and in they jumped and off we went.

It was late in the afternoon by now so we just turned right out of the marina and snarled off to Foxton Locks Basin.  Its jolly here, a few other boats moored here and of course Bridge 61 for a pint.  Much later we reboarded the great ship WaL and snuggled down for supper which was;

M&S Pasta and prawns starter, M&S Lamb moussaka and M&S spiced apples tartlets.  I am glad it was so nice as it had taken me ages to choose!

A few photos to accompany...

Beloved Boat Sharers, aka David and Amanda who joined us for New Years delayed celebrations

The Foxton Locks Inn which we don't actually patronise 

We prefer instead Bridge 61.

We moored in the basin overnight and left hurriedly in the morning as we overhung the water point mooring by 2.5 ft.


  1. Hi Lisa and David, Lovely to read of your NY cruise! We too prefer Bridge 61 - such a down to earth place.
    We are on the countdown now - less than 4 months till we are back on board Waka Huia! Yay!!!
    Cheers, Marilyn

  2. Well hello Marilyn,
    How wonderful to be in NZ for your summer, as I write this to you there is a total gale blowing, we are heading out for lunch and frankly I don't know what my hair will look like on arrival. But I rather like this winter cruising malarky, there are people about walking to greet, but no boats. A novelty for us summer extended people. But I have to say when we were out end of April '16 it was FREEZING much colder than now here.
    4 months and counting then? Enjoy your summer,