Wednesday 11 January 2017

Champagne rubbish and ladders.

What I forgot to mention last night was us mooring up in the basin.  We arrived on the tail of another boat who took the mooring with the sign that says 24 hrs, water point and no mooring all on the one post, I guess you just pick which one applies to you,  so we decided to go through the swing bridge towards Market Harborough, Amanda hopped off all gleeful with the key to open the gate, once it was open, we three then decided to reverse and moor in the basin alongside the large pub.  She closed the bridge and under my silent direction, made her way to the new mooring place..... just before she arrived there to receive the rope, we three saw that the wee 25ft boat snugged up  to the boat behind him and left us almost enough room to get on the ambiguous mooring, overhanging a tad on the bridge operation only mooring,  as it was past 15:30 hrs, getting dark, we were off early in the morning and its January, we were naughty.  
Amanda eventually found her way back to us where she had started from,  she is always in high spirits when she arrives on WaL  😀.  Third time lucky.

So this morning after the insomniac had washed up and delivered tea, we pootled off.  The sun came in and out but it was chilly.  Croissants were served with cream cheese and smoked salmon, I missed it but in Kingfisher Alley one was spotted with a fish.  In short all was wonderful and merry.

Tow path in good condition here.

Happy Chappies

Arriving in Market Harborough basin.

We walked down to The Angel hotel in town for dwinks, happy memories of meeting other absent friends here, then  David said he was off to Lidil to buy a ladder.  My husband nearly fainted at the very idea, but no, off he went and here he is arriving back.  He put it on the deck and had a sit down, I tried to move it slightly, but it was very heavy!!!!!

Hero and ladder.

Leaving the basin, we saw this.  the hedge full of bottles and mostly takeaway food containers,  some bottles and now floating down the canal.  Now looking on Google earth it we wondered if this could be the edge of a travellers site looking at the type and spread of the buildings.  I will forward these photos to the Council and to CART.

Old loo cassettes and oil containers here

Ladder now being used as a drinks table, we touched a shallow ledge and the boat rocked Amanda and I grabbed the glasses, then we saw a vibrator in the water.  Although my personal experience is limited, its like seeing a zebra, not everyday but unmistakable.

Blus skies, black trees and sunlight.

Sun came out for a memorable day

Just to be clear these two in matching outfits are not related.

Back through the basin at Foxton and to park near the car. We had dinner here  HERE  a new place for us but so worth a visit Marilyn!!  Lasagna was delicious.  Might have to come back here.

Boat Sharers have departed this evening.  Always sorry to see them go.


  1. Always sorry to go. A fab flit as ever!

  2. I am so jealous! The weather here this summer has been pants so far (although expected to improve in a few days and be settled until end of March). We will have to try the restaurant by walking from the cut - no car! Looks like a fab menu.
    Am in Hokitika at the moment - grey and gloomy with about 100mm of rain overnight on the Coast so am not out hitting the highspots currently!
    See you soon - let's make sure of that!
    Hugs, Marilyn

  3. Dear Marilyn,
    I am sorry to hear that the summer hasn't quite arrived yet. We heard tales of the western coastline rain when we were there.... Sounds worse than Manchester.
    Our SIL arrives in Auckland tomorrow, I await to see what he says about the weather.
    The restaurant was great, open all day, if you walk then you'll work up a well needed appetite.
    Go try out that fish and chip shop on the quayside!!