Thursday 12 January 2017

A trip to nowhere

Having found that my brand new shiny dongle had failed to work over the weekend, we went into Market Harborough by car this morning.  It was heavy rain so we were in no rush to do the next phase of our cruise till later when rain had ceased.
First stop Costa for our fav coffee stop but really to use their wifi on a vital business call, (He is only "semi" retired Reader), well happily the earth continues to turn, so we headed to EE to have a full and frank discussion about the dongle.  So it seems that dongles, as with credit cards via the post have to activated, who knew that?  
Well all of

Last shop was Mountain Warehouse, of course David assured me he needed nothing, but we brought new waterproof trousers and two pairs of ski gloves, Reader if you have cold hands I urge you to go to this establishment where currently they are buy 1 get 1 free!!  

Back to WaL  on with new gloves to give them a road test.  Rain stopped, pins pulled, we needed water but decided to take the scenic route of course, off we go northwards almost to Saddington Tunnel simply to turn the boat then to head southwards again to fill up at Foxton Basin.

Debdale Marina all pretty quiet as we passed by.

Fabulous Leicestershire countryside.

That broom is annoying me.

We had turned now and this is almost at Foxton Basin.

One of my fav mooring spots.

NB Aber also from Debdale just gone through the swing bridge.

Pub Bridge 61 in day light as we turned.

So our cruise to get water had taken about two hours, but do boaters actually need to have somewhere to go?  

Even in new ski gloves and full thermal under garments I think about 1  3/4 hrs is long enough for me on deck in January.

Mooring up almost in the dark, I recovered with coffee and amaretto, then a glass of red, then sardines on toast for supper.


  1. Bona fide. As long as you have a purpose, no matter what that purpose is. Getting water is a purpose.

    1. I agree Maffi, how are you by the way? I did feel a bit like Ratty from Wind In The Willows the bit bit about nothing half so much fun as simply messing about on a boat on a canal, well nearly.