Saturday 30 April 2016

So what is the collective term for a group of Bloggers? A scribble? A Tapping? A Scroll?

Today had a chilly start, the temperature had fallen overnight and yesterday after the stove had gone out, we had decided to leave it out and run the central heating instead.  However of course it means a cold morning. Brrrr

David and I had several ideas to fill our time, first one was to cycle to Willoughby and have lunch at the Rose pub, second one to go for a scenic bike ride lastly to take the boat out of Braunston and moor up at the closer mooring to Willoughby.  
We ended up doing none of these.

David did go off on on a shorter ride, while he was gone those nice people from NB Jubilee  HERE   John and Jan invited me in for coffee, Himself had just arrived back in time so we trotted along and had a lovely time and what always happens with nice people we ran out of time.  Thank you again for your hospitality and look forward to meeting you both again.

Back to the boat and we decided to move today after all towards Willoughby to meet up with Geoff and Margaret on NB Seyella, fellow “Washers” with whom we made the Wash crossing last year   HERE

We were on the verge of sitting down to an hurried lunch when Maffi  HERE   knocked on the side, I am glad that we was able to join us for lunch as we hadn’t caught up with him in a while and were to leave shortly

Well we did leave finally, and just look what we sailed into…   

You can just about see the iconic church steeple  behind a bush.

I washed up inside in the warm, David did say that he would wash up and I could drive but..…..  

Sleety snowy rain but hot coffee delivered in my defence.

Black skies now departing

There were so many bloggers in Braunston at the today.
We haven't yet met Chas & Ann  HERE  but maybe next time.

Goodbye to John and Jan on Jubilee (Aka Halfie)

We haven't yet met Sue and Andy on NB Festina Lente   HERE  maybe next time.

NB Windsong is here with her new owners, we met Pip & Roger  the old owners last year.

Not much room through here leaving Braunston

We passed this ahem narrow boat four years ago on the GU towards Stockton Locks, maybe two years ago on the South Oxford and here it is on the North Oxford..... not too much distance then.

So an hour later, at Bridge 81 we landed, Geoff and Meg came out to meet us.  Sue and Vic  from NB No Problem    HERE    were due to meet them too so after they arrived on our heels we all piled into Seyella and enjoyed tea, chat and really really really good cakes that Geoff had freshly made.  I could certainly benefit from a lesson or two from him.

Syella comes into view.

L to R Sue NP, Margaret & Geoff Seyella, Vic NP and David (Mine)

Maybe we’ll move tomorrow, maybe we’ll stop and wash the boat (Or start  washing it anyway)

Lunch was the rest of the sweet potato and ginger soup, after those delicious cakes I think supper will be cheese and biscuits.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I asked the same question recently on the No Problem blog, here's the answer...

    Sue Cook Says: April 27th, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    The collective noun for boating bloggers is surely a “natter”, because that’s what we do when we get together – for hours on end :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Well I have to say I like the term a "Natter" Thank you KevinTOO for that.