Tuesday 26 April 2016

Lunch out at West Hadden

Like I said yesterday, this area is an area of immense beauty.  David simply loves it on this Arm and we try to loiter when here.

I was to be taken out for lunch, I had suggested Crick, but David found West Hadden on the map and what a good choice it was.

Winnick Grange and church  from above, last time we came past all the houses had "Stop the Wind Farm Coming" posters in the windows,  but it looks like that campaign has failed.  

Bikes were the order of the day for us, but keen walkers could easily manage it.
First through the village of Winnick, we usually make a point of walking to here, its ancient, pretty and the church has boxes of books for sale.  I brought two, they had some good recent ones if you make it to here.

Llamas or Alpacas?

This chicken looks like its straight out of the Ladybird book of Farms.

Pretty blue stuff flowering in the hedgerows.

This was a charming ride to West Hadden all bar 100 yards on gated lanes without cars.

So lunch was the The Pytchley Arms,    HERE   just 3.7 miles from WaL.   Nice and busy, always a good sign, the food was really homemade, yes it tasted like it too!!  

I had Lasagna and David had a chilli, I had planned a tiramisu dessert but I couldn't manage it.

Wobbled back to the boat and watched Boomers, seen it?  Hilarious, but you have to be old to laugh.

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