Thursday 21 April 2016

Foxton Flight

A very peaceful night was spent in the basin, on our own. 

View from my bed last night

 I woke up to find an empty bed.  Now Reader I don't find this alarming.  Years of being the wife of a dairy farmer when he was up at 4:30am and then later years of being the wife of a milkman when he was often up at anytime of night from 1am onwards was perfectly normal, in fact he said that he never 
thought he would regard 4:30 a "Lie-in".  Anyway I digress, David had gone off to start the season long game of The Great Car Shuffle, I was rather pleased as it meant I could start my new book in the comfort of my empty bed......
but then he arrives back and I was almost disappointed.

"I've booked us in with the nice lady Lockkie already"  he calls  as he is putting his bike away, he opens the bedroom door to find me snugged, 
"Oh bloody hell Lisa I thought you would at least be up by now" he (9:45am) 
"Good morning my darling how lovely to see you"  I cheerfully respond...

Well I did dress, and left him to cast off while I went and chatted to the very nice Lady Lockkie who was waiting for us leaning on the open lock gates.  I apologised to her of course, she was laughing I have to say, 
"What's the rush?" she said  We had a jolly conversation covering chocolate, lock keeping, ratty husbands, 
water pouring over the gates yesterday and the like.

Reader, are you looking at the blue skies?  
Are you looking at the view? 
Are you looking at us all alone in one of the Seven Wonders of The World?
I love The Foxton Flight.

Where do you want to moor?  He asks me, I think he knew the answer already.....  The Laughton Hills, so that would be only an hour down the way.  My favourite place on the UK waterways.

Glorious sunshine, a pink chest and small snooze

I watched from the comfort of my sun chair, buzzards soaring overhead then mating in the tree, yes our friend the Water vole swimming past and great tits all around.

Great fat lambs

Tiny calf snuggled up to mum, plus wood if you are passing by here.

David horrified by the rolling of this lush grass so late in its growth

Look Reader!  Well farmers at any rate like looking at grass.

Here we once walked up the hill here and surprised a buzzard sunning itself in a bush, up close they are about the size of a Mini Cooper, it frightened the life out of us as it took off, they are a bit tricky to photograph as move pretty fast.

Supper was with friends Ed and Jane local residents,  at 
The Wharf Inn at Welford, I had braised shoulder of lamb in red wine then Chocolate and orange gateaux.


  1. Welcome back. What are your plans for the summer? Maybe we will catch up somewhere. xx

  2. Hi you two, nice to see you back on board having fun, relaxing and meeting friends. Have a fantastic summer cruise. xxx

    1. Hi Carol,
      Sorry we won't see you this summer, but you both enjoy yourselves too,
      Lisa x

  3. Dear Linda,
    No fixed plans however we are going northwards. Situation fluid!

  4. Used to be the highlight of a boat trip if I could work Foxton locks on a beautiful sunny day!

  5. Dear Snowy,
    I completely agree with you, total pleasure. I also like to hear husbands explaining to their wives how the locks work, oh so often wrongly too.