Thursday 28 April 2016

Loitering extended

A nice Sunday was had on WaL, but not a lot of action on my part.  
Bradley Wiggins here moved the car to god knows where, I don't think it's in this county even.  He was gone ages, so I managed to read 50% of my book.

Later, we had a mini Cheese & Wine party á la deus.  
David opened a bottle of Argentinian Malbec and served it with a sheep's cheddar and grapes, (No I didn't know there was such a thing as sheep's cheddar either).

Today saw us moving again.  We had an appointment with the Safety Inspector at Norton Junction at 9am tomorrow morning.  David wanted to leave at the crack of dawn today as rain was forecast at about 11am and high winds so it made sense to leave early.  I was a bit surprised when he set the alarm for 06:15.....  Don't worry he said, I'll be awake before that.

Now all that know me understand I am a picture of tolerance and patience, but when I was awoken by Himself twice in the night, then at about 04:30 he put on his phone which lit up the bedroom like daylight, then at 05:45 he got up and crept about the place, you know what it's like Reader when an elephant creeps down the corridor then slams the door, then swears about it.  To make up for it, the dear man washed up from last night (Sweetest rump steak mushrooms and cherry tomatoes), bang crash wallop.  He brought me tea at 06:50 and asked for a kiss, I replied that I would like to cut his throat.  

My mood improved somewhat with the tea and his absence.

Unhappily for some, the forecast was less then accurate and within minutes of departure, the heavens opened and the familiar three blasts on the horn which means an emergency, this time; Can you get my rain hat? 

 So I did the "Boatwork" from the warmth of the lounge and Himself sadly got wet and cold.  I helped with deliveries of hot drinks.

As we passed by Yalvertoft, Peter (Old Gentleman) was already out on the canal, this was at 07:45, he was all togged up and enjoying the rain.

We toyed with the idea of leaving the Watford flight till the rain had passed but I said lets just go for it and the rain stopped.  My just look at the gleaming black paint work. sigh.

Lock keeper told us that 2 or 3 boats a day are ignoring the rule of reporting to him before entering the locks and meeting boats half way up.

Wind died down momentarily for this turn.

David was scandalised with the £20 fee for a pump out here at Welton Marina.

Happy Capt, rain stopped.

We met this attractive boat 18months ago on the Staffs to Worcester, the owners were the first people to say that "They read this blog" to me.

Do not Disturb

So on arriving at Norton Junction we hopped onto a WaL sized space and got nicely nested in time before the heavens opened again.

Lunch was delicious, homemade sweet potato ginger and chilli soup.  Supper was New Zealand eggs, that is to say hot buttered toast with slices of avocado and tomatoes.  First had by us in NZ but David tells me he was out to breakfast in Brighton  two years ago with Fliss, our newly married daughter and she had it there, so it can now be called Brighton Eggs.