Wednesday 27 April 2016

Losing ourselves in unparalleled beauty.

It was a miserable start to the day, so I had a delayed start, in the comfort of my own bed with good book I am well into.

Last afternoon we had been very pleased to have been spotted by more people we know, Irene and Andy this time from the same stable as us, another Fernwood boat NB Kamili launched just in front of WaL. 
They are off to meet family today and we waved goodbye over the kitchen sink.

Quite a lot of discussion about just how much winter clothing should be worn today, in the end all of it was chosen,  with him all tucked in like a good mummies boy, he then wanted his phone which was three layers below.

Now we've done this before and unwittingly repeated it.  
Can you see?  Yes that's right, we left the dangle too close to the exhaust pipe and have burnt through the rope, see the dangle in the water not doing any good at all?  
Luckily heading towards Braunston to stock up on useful and broken bits. 

Anyone looking for free wood?

Just the one of these Aylesburys but my favourites, I used to keep them at home.

Peter, our "Old Gentleman"

Now for any Frequent Flyers to this blog, this is Peter.  
"The Old Gentleman", of whom I wrote the passage below in April '14.  I am so delighted that he again, Hooted us and we got up on deck to meet and greet.  As you can see he is in good health.  The only allowance he makes to his advancing years is that he goes back to his marina on Fridays to be collected by his attendant family, then he is out again on Monday.  His boat looks marvellous too!

Hooters going and a deal of yoohoo-ing and there was our “Old Gentleman”, we hadn’t seen him since last spring but this marvellous man known only to us as Peter, has his own boat, he sails up and down the Leicester Arm, he is ex-RAF so enjoys plane spotting and watching nature and reading avidly on his kindle, oh yes and he’s in his mid 80’s, very interesting chap, so glad he took the time to stop, moor up and bang on the side.
WaL Blog April '14  Hooters and stupids.
An inspiration to us all.

Supper was sea bream, stuffed with feta and peas.