Sunday 3 October 2021

Supper with Pals.

I was quite excited today as we were to meet up with jolly chums, George and Carol.

Frequent Flyers to this blog will remember that two years ago in July 2019 that we entered into a "Swap".  Pretty unusual arrangement in the boating world but we did it after consulting our respective insurance companies.  At the time David and I enjoyed a month on the river Thames in their wonderful widebeam WB Still Rockin'  HERE   it was the most wonderful experience in the hot sunshine that we enjoyed, sadly C&G had dreadful weather but if you haven't already you can look and laugh at the rain they endured....   HERE ,  I mean its pouring this weekend so what else is there to do?

Well David went off to do a recce of the moorings further up the canal at the intended place, Church Minshull.

He returned and said you won't like it there, nice armco moorings but its in a deep-ish cutting.  He knows me well, I hate cuttings, I'm not keen on being under trees and I loath cuttings with trees.

So we stayed put in the lovely open and moved WaL up much later in the afternoon. 

We left the lovely moorings and pootled off I guess about 4pm and set sail for Church Minshull and the pub.  To be brutally honest Reader, I can't remember exactly in what sequence these photos and day they run, but let's just say that here are some pictures of the scenery on the lovely Middlewich Arm, next time we take this route we'll be sure to stay much longer on it.

So Carol and George arrived at WaL on the moorings in the cutting to meet us.  They had parked down in the pub cark park and walked up the hill.  A bigger hill than you might expect seeing as the countryside is almost flat.  It was "Rush Hour" in the village and as the road didn't have a pavement I walked in the face of the oncoming traffic as I had white jeans on, a little scary as there was a thick hedge, so if a vehicle did get too close there is no verge to jump on.  There evidently is another path way over fields down to the village further on the canal, I think we'll give that one a go next time.

Supper was lovely, really lovely, very attentive to Covid rules such as they are now which suited us just fine.

Sorry to say no photos, which was silly of me but kindly that nice George fella drove us back up the hill in his new Babe Magnet.

George also invited us to their new house close to Audlem tomorrow to have a Barbie Queue.  

George is a Supremo at this lark, Geoff and Margaret reminded us that George has Barbie Queued in the snow.

Oh I just found these two.  NB Panacea crossed the Wash with us.

We had a giggle about this farm, a nice looking bungalow has been built but right next to a barn, smells and flies come to mind, but worse still, that large green container to the left of the barn is a slurry store, slurry is a nicer word than....  I reckon the farmer that built that bungalow there has a good chance of being single, either now or in the near future.  



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