Friday 8 October 2021

Into Audlem for a few days.... we thought.

We left our mooring at Church Minshull this morning as very kindly George had invited us for one of his famous barbie's.  We needed water at Barbridge too.  

A couple more shots at autumn colours Marilyn but as I said the leaves are late turning this year.

On occasions near-ish to us are some famous gardens with many trees.  If the growing year has been kind then we traditionally we go for a visit on our wedding anniversary on the 14th November, but if there have been gales we don't bother as the trees are bare.  We'll see what this year brings, it's our 40th this year Reader, had to believe I know but yes I am old enough.

These were ruby red but the early morning sun has drained them of colour a bit.

General views of the fabulous countryside hereabouts, maybe Staffordshire maybe Cheshire.

Only two locks to do on the Middlewich Arm for us today, here is David bringing WaL along.  I'm liking the light making the canal silver here.

On his phone I bet.

Yep phone in hand...

These cows had wet feet, but liked it.

Tiny patch of yellowing leaves, bit blurred, sorry.

This is a mooring maintained by the Shropshire Union Fan Club, the volunteer at the next lock told me it's very popular in the summer.  Clearly not for me with all those trees not much good for solar either but I'm glad their hard work is appreciated by boaters.

We got to Barbridge and moored up.  Two lots of signs telling boaters to only moor for the services..... But no services!  The water has gone, the rubbish bins too.  
Why leave the signs???
A kind dog walking boater told us where the next one is, 
"You'll have to wait though"  and we did.

The reservoir at Hurleston Locks, the locks are around the bend where you go onto the Llangollen Canal and Wales.

Nantwich Aqueduct

These look like redcurrants, event the leaves are similar.


So quite a long day (For us) to get down to Audlem, the sun was shining but the wind was straight into our face, I felt quite wind burned on arrival.

We bagged a mooring below all the locks here, actually we felt the best mooring in the area as we looked out onto the Weaver Valley and the mini lake just below us.  It was a 15 minute walk into town, quick showers and change then off to The Shroppie Fly pub to meet George who had driven in to pick us up.

Well recently George and Carol had found their dream house after many years of living aboard firstly a narrow boat then a wide beam.  This house has uninterrupted views over farmland and the garden faces west for sunsets.  Its absolutely gorgeous and if they sell ever (They won't) I'd like first refusal please. 

Grumpy looking David outside their fantastic summerhouse in which we ate the most delicious food.  Oh and George's tongs.

Yeah I want one of these.

Our mooring view over the valley, out of shot were many birds on the lake.

So tomorrow I'll have to post the photos I took of us all as they are on David's phone and he is out.

Thank you both so much for a fantastic evening.
Can we come again please? 


  1. Hi Lisa, We are missing the canals so much that we are hiring next week as we can't bear to be away for too long! NB Summer Wine from Norbury Junction, it's grey. We're planning to go south to Autherley junction then north to Hayward Junction and back, but now we're hirers I suppose we'll have to have long days like they all seem to! We'll keep our eyes open for you

    1. Hi Debby,
      I am missing your presence too! Sad to say we won't see you as we are out of the area now and as usual I am all behind with the blog.
      I might have to do a catch-up edited highlights sort of thing.
      Have a great time on the Shroppie, I shall look forward to your blog and any news you may care to impart.