Wednesday 30 August 2017

Owls, geese and a heron

So Reader, its been a while, I'm sorry about that but we've had visitors and sitting on your laptop in the evening is not really that social.....
But here I am again.

This view was last night overlooking the cricket ground, I love the way the blue sky remains blue in the water reflection.

The next day as you can see was lovely and sunny, we wanted to see an bit of the surrounding countryside so we got the bikes out and peddled off.  
The  Victorians sure knew how to build beautiful.  I guess they had the benefits of money, available cheap skilled workforce and design.  But oh boy this is "Only" a water pumping station.   From Batch Locks in May I had only been able to see the roof so I was thrilled to see as much of it as this today.  It was fenced off.

I doubt that these bricks are even available today.

My favourite colours of the year, golds and olive greens.

We slogged up a wee hill to see this view of Wolverhampton.

Possibly Feverfew.  I love Poppies,  Cornflowers and Feverfew at harvest time.

This is one of my favourite views, this is of just above Swindon.

Small aqueduct.

This goose stared at us unerringly as we passed by, I thought it must be used to boats but no.

This is the junction of the Staffs to Worcester and the Stourbridge Canal.  We went into Birmingham via this route a few years ago but this year we are taking a different route.

Bottom lock of the Stourbridge Canal, very pretty up that way.

David rejoining me at Stewpony Lock.

I wanted to get a photo of WaL going into this tunnel, actually less of a tunnel more of a fat bridge, as earlier in the year I took one of WaL emerging from it....

"Well get off then woman.... quicker than that!! Get out the way.  Bloody Hell woman look where the bloody boat is now???"

Hard reverse !!!!!!!!

Nearly back on line

He kindly removed his rain coat here for you....

This is the wonderful run of natural woodland from Stewpony Lock along to where we wanted to moor.

Oh my god how stunning is this for a mooring?   We had spotted this long bend in May, but of course at the wrong time of day.  
We stopped early in the afternoon just enjoying the view.  Later, two walkers stopped by and we all chatted.  Andrew and Julie are looking to move onto a narrowboat to live OR buy a house in France.  We showed them around WaL and they liked the layout we have.  But I said for them to go to a Marina and look at many boats on Brokerage as they are all different.  If you do find this blog both do get in touch and let us know which choice won!!

Totally stunning view, priceless.  Who'd want a house????

This was right opposite the cratch for sometime, good reflection.

The mist rolled over the meadow and as we sat sipping a glass of we heard a good few owls around talking to each other, heavenly.

I think supper was Kettle Chips.