Friday 11 August 2017

A precis of the end of our trip.

Dear Reader I can hardly believe that this day took place about a month ago and I haven't written it up.  But you find us at home after a family member was taken poorly.   
Making a recovery now and we hope to return to WaL in a few days now.

But going back to the day trip we took;  We headed towards Leek first in the car and I appreciated the nice buildings in the town plus a Waitrose!

Not far out of town was a side turning and a great rocky outcrop, called Ramshaw Rocks, I abruptly turned off the main road and we explored. 

This was one of the views, see farm on the top? We drove back along that road at the end of the day.

Great face on this rock

Good zoom on this camera.

Ramshaw Rocks Nr Leek Staffs.

We eventually got to Buxton and sat outside enjoying the hot sunshine chatting to a couple and the wife was actually a local councillor, we told her that this was our second visit in two years and on both days we had enjoyed glorious sunshine....  she said that we should keep visiting as we brought the hot weather with us and that this weather is really very rare.
I decided that as much as I love Buxton, I won't be retiring here.

Stained glass in Buxton Museum doors

We saw this last year and I quite thought we would go here for lunch today, but still under restoration as a Five Star hotel, the finances are staggering and the work has encountered many water related set backs.  Next year perhaps for lunch

Opera House.

Opera House Lobby ceiling, nothing was on tonight so we didn't get to see the auditorium. 

A lovely day spent following our noses on different roads to which we have taken before. 

The next day was David's birthday.  He wanted to take me on a bike ride he had done a few days earlier, we went up about three hills but then had great views all along a ridge.

This really old farmhouse I estimated to be from the 1600's, sadly it looked run down and needed some money spending on it.

Lovely views all along this ridge ride.

Just look at the pretty colours of the freshly cut stone on this newly rebuilt wall, I am loving the pink, I would have the whole wall steamed cleaned to get the pink .

As we sat at a pub called The Boat, a steam train puffed by, we finished our drinks and scooted down to the station in time for the last train trip of the day.

Fabulous joke cracking Guard.

Steam train "Winding" (Turning around)

Taken the next day, the trains whizz past the canal.

The next day we drove into Stoke to retrieve another daughter from the train station.  The weather had turned a bit but we had a lovely couple of days with her pootling down towards the end of both branches of the Caldon.

Seemingly all too quickly it was time for her to return to the Big Smoke.  This was about the time my camera broke so sorry I only have phone snaps.

I love gateways.  This as we left Durnford first thing.

Early blackberries.

We dropped her back in Stoke by boat this time and having had the news from home so we made a dash southwards to see if we could home earlier.  

At the first lock there were volunteers, BRILL I thought, some help, we had done quite a few hours already that day to get to the train station in time for the 1pm train to London..... But they were not volunteers, it was a Gongoozeller (Spell?), a passer by and "Rob The Lock" and his son.  Both on bikes and Rob stayed with us all the way down saving us masses of time.  I was thrilled.  

Rob offers help and other services too such as laundry or shopping, I would urge anyone in need of help to call him on 07999426005. 

Wonderful Rob who helped us so much

We just kept going and moored up after a twelve hour day, (Time off for lunch admittedly)  but unheard of for us.

Unflappable resident duck in Stone.  It hopped onto the wall when I approached then walked down the main road on the pavement, I quacked to her and she responded, when we left I think she returned to the lock beam.

Pretty good sunset that night.
Finally mooring up well south of Aston Marina having started from The Holly Bush at Durnford.

Next day a quick flit to Great Haywood Marina where we tucked WaL up in bed and came home.

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