Wednesday 23 August 2017

Mackerel and cream

 We had a nice easy uneventful run from Wightwick down this morning.  Here are a few photos along the way.  I love the way simple things change from canal to canal or should I say canal company to canal company.  

I don't even know the correct terminology for these, but here they are circular and mesmerising to watch. 

Hard to see but the bridge has arrow slots for shooting the enemy through

I haven't seen one of these before.  A very creative brickkie working that time.

We arrived much later at Bratch Locks, David had chatted to a passing crew member of another boat and learnt that the cricket pitch was being prepared for play.  He had in mind to watch cricket in the sun from miles back, the sun was the undependable factor in all this.
First glimpse through the shrubs showed  an unpromising score board.  I wondered if the 7th's were playing?
We crept forward as we could see another match playing alongside.  Now back at the end of May when we came up this way, the Bratch Keeper told me that the is a risk with mooring up opposite the cricket ground with balls, they regularly come over......  I imparted this local knowledge to David who declared that he likes a gamble.  It was only when I insisted of being in the cratch and out of range that he relented and moved on another 20ft.

The afternoon passed in a most pleasant manner for me and kept David highly entertained, rain did not stop play but the tea interval did.

View from the deck.

We weren't terribly hungry that day, so supper was homemade mackerel pate, followed by homemade scones I made when David was out the back watching the cricket in his extra thick fleece.

I am not a skilled scone maker but my Grandma Eve always doubled the amount of butter used so I did too.  Yes this was with blackcurrant jam & clotted cream.


  1. The scones look yummy, Lisa, and clotted cream and jam are the only way to indulge!
    In NZ there is a trend to making Lemonade scones. Have you tried them? There are various recipes but this one is one a friend uses:
    Never had a failure ...
    Cheers and a hug, Mxx

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      No I have never heard of lemonade scones! I will try that, thank you. Mackeral pate is similar in that there are many recipes online available. But I did it myself by blending the fish, a bit of horseradish sauce, a gherkin pickle and either mayonnaise or yoghurt or cream or mascarpone. All ingredients to taste. My son in law Leon makes a great version, I think he uses Jamie Oliver's version, but that day I didn't have something.
      Sorry its taken so ling to reply!
      Lisa x

  2. Home-made mackerel pate recipe please ...

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