Thursday 31 August 2017

A day out playing with trains.

Up early and off on bikes.  We cycled the short distance down to Kinver where the car had previously deposited and then drove to Bewdley, which is on the River Severn and is the second stop on the Severn Valley Steam Railway.  David had cycled to Bewdley on another trip and said I would like it.  I had had to wait to visit it.  It was very lovely, but with car parks out of town, so a quick change of plan, we parked at the  Railway car park and went straight onto the train.

I had forgotten to remember that it was the school holidays, when the first train of the day arrived it was busy, we didn't get a First Class carriage to ourselves, but shared with a family. 

Train arrived to collect us, very exciting.

The best view I could get of a bend to show the engine.

When we arrived at Highly station, we alighted and went to visit the Railway Museum there which was very good.  My favourite was the Royal Coach used by King George IV during the war.  I couldn't get onto a tour of it due to a time restriction, and could only take snaps through the glass windows.  Before was the view of the countryside around Highley.


Not identical, but maybe the character of Gordon was based on this engine.  Gordon was haughty and proud.  I am speaking of course of Thomas The Tank Engine and his friends.

These are just like the naughty chattery coaches.
 The end of the line for us was Bridgenorth and here are some of the old pretty cottages that line the streets.  Today we only had time to have a quick coffee before returning to the station for a partial return.

Frankly, these engines are not very eco friendly..... cough cough

We got off again at Arley, from here its a gentle downhill walk back to Bewdley all along the mighty River Severn.  At the Victoria Bridge we were lucky to see the engine cross over right above our heads...

Victoria Bridge over the Severn.


Now I grew up calling this Tansley.......

 All along this stretch of the Severn were these wee cabins, which I thought this one of the nicest, see the topiary?

The four miles to Bewdley did seem a bit like six at the end coming into Bewdley from a more boring end of town.  We had tea in a very modern cafe on the High Street, it's an odd town in that there are hardly any shops barring cafes to visit.  A beautiful town full of period buildings, but I won't be retiring here.

Bewdley waterfront.

Possibly a flood risk on the river bank, but enchanting.

Wow love those front doors.

On the way home we called into The Lock pub at Wolverley and had wonderful burgers and sweet potato chips, my fav.  Back at the boat later this boat ahead was puffing smoke from presumably wet wood and caused David's wife to grumble when it came down our mushrooms......  I feel a controversy coming on.

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