Wednesday 30 July 2014

Summer Cruise begins.

Well saying that I am not sure if it is a late summer or an early autumn cruise, either way its started.
I feel our three week sojourn home was a tad hectic, there was a small amount of sun lying in, but only a small bit. 

He had plenty of time for this...

There were however, dentists, doctors, a birthday party, an engagement party, a 50th birthday dinner, leg waxing and nails to be fitted in, saying nothing of shopping and lunching out. Oh I nearly forgot to say, youngest daughter is approaching the end of an eight year quest to gain a drivers licence, well her parents have been endeavouring to get her to, she is far more interested in travelling the world, so I have taken her out driving three hours most days, so you see how the time flew past.
So back to the boat for a rest and David I do want a rest, preferably with copious amounts of sunbathing thrown in.
We arrived at the Marina at about lunchtime, it was blistering hot and a waste of good weather as it was too hot to sit out in when we had unpacked.  Well I unpacked but David went shopping for the list of things I forgot to bring. 

He was however in charge of the wine cellar, this was the overflow from our two storage places...slightly in the way
Later we sat in the sun with next door neighbours Mr & Mrs Tubbs, tea and scones stretched out into a rather nice evening with wine.  So good to catch up with nice people.

Evidence of The Boat Sharers, involuntary rope coilers.

Almost ready to leave, cratch filled with crushed wine boxes!!

Today we set off for the Foxton Flight.  One of my favourite places, as each time we do the flight I never fail to marvel at the engineering feat.
Pretty quiet here I thought and as we entered the basin we saw a boat entering the bottom lock so I was jettisoned with instructions to run up the flight to see if we could tag onto him and go straight up.  Of course the lock keeper was at the top, they are always at the top, unless of course you are at the top, then they are at the bottom.  Panting a little I reached him….. but no we couldn’t go up, the boat in front of us was heading for the fifth pound with orders to stop there and wait for the three waiting boats to come down and pass him.  We were to wait at the bottom and it would be 90 mins.  Unlucky timing, but we never have waited much before.   I wasn’t too unhappy as I fancied a coffee and an uninterrupted read of my thrilling book…
After buying postcards for both our mothers, writing them then posting them, buying milk, making coffee, answering texts I managed no reading whatsoever and then it was our turn.  

Entering the bottom lock.

Half way up and look at the centre ropes already!!

Helped by two lovely girls, out visiting Foxton with their granddad, we whizzed up and were soon at our, well definitely my favourite mooring at the foot of The Laughton Hills in full afternoon sun, chairs out, Ooooooh would you believe it a glass of wine fell into my hand.
Being almost sick and tired of salad we had Chilli for supper. 

Its nice to be back.

Marvellous bit of parking here.


  1. It's nice to have you back. Hope you noticed not only coiled ropes but cushions all on the diagonal.

    1. Yes thank you I did of course notice the cushions, I simply cannot sleep unless they are on the diagonal.