Friday 11 July 2014

End of the Spring Cruise, for us anyway.

So Reader, today you find us north of Wigrams Turn and well short of Braunston.  On arriving MR & Mrs Yarwood were away for the day, but we amused ourselves by; cycling to the car,  driving the car here, reading in the sun and drinking nicely chilled sauvignon blanc.  Reader can you guess which two out of the four I helped with?  Yes correct.

I had asked David to fill the car up as I knew it was down to the last square of gas…. He helpfully said “Oh it will be fine to do that tomorrow”

I got a bit cross with the TOTAL lack of  3G here, but did some writing and thought I would post it up later.  

The next day was somewhat complicated, it involved, liaising with NB Bluemoon    HERE     and  NB Yarwood      HERE    and The Boat Sharers, remember Reader that these two appear at regular intervals throughout the boating season, mostly in a pair but sometimes singularly.  These two were arriving at Dear Old Debdale, to leave their car there, be picked up and then come aboard.  For two weeks!!!!!

So after David made the arrangements, he then went off cycling.  I took the bag of kitchen rubbish with me to Debdale to dispose of there, well Reader we do pay a lot of money a year to the marina for such privileges we rarely use! So off I go, with 22 miles driving available to me only, through Braunston, looking for a petrol station. Not one. I don’t know Daventry at all but on my route to the M1 no petrol stations to be found.  

Onto the motorway, I only had to go two junctions which I know fairly well although I could not have told you how many miles it is between them two or twenty…? Down now to 17 miles driving available to me. Gulp.  Then up on the gantry comes the warnings that there are LONG delays on the motorway between junctions 20 & 22, I want 20, now I am in a full blown cold sweat….  Thinking ahead that when I run out I just know that David Lewis will come and rescue me  (He did tell me later that besides not having a spare wheel on that BMW of his he certainly never carries a petrol can…. I ask you?

So lucky that my junction was clear and I could escape and was free wheeling down to South Kilworth to the petrol station there with 7 miles available to drive only.  Phew, I’ll get that husband of mine later for this, maybe with the pole again, that worked well last time.

So reached Debdale in one piece and The Lewis’s transferred all their luggage and food into my car, well plus his tool suitcase to do jobs on WaL with…  Off we set for the pub all booked for a Grand Reunion Lunch.  Us eight had a bit of a jolly weekend at ours in February in one of those shocker storms.  Today was to be a bit more of a peaceful affair at The Rose Inn at Willoughby. 

So here we have back row David Lewis, Lesley, Amanda and Joe front row David Carr, Louise and John from Bluemoon.
We then went back to John & Louise’s for tea  (Louise took better photos than me, they are on her blog) with scones jam & cream that Amanda had made. 

Finally leaving these holiday makers and returning to Wal & Yarwood further down the canal.  Thank you for having us all. 
A lovely day and we were’t too raucous in the pub either.

That evening David and myself departed for home (The bricks and mortar one) and left the Boat Sharers to it for a fortnight.  So Reader they are headed for Birmingham and beyond, if you see them do Smile wave and say hello, and whatever they tell you remember that   IT’S OUR BOAT NOT THEIRS!!!!!


  1. Enjoy your land time you two. Brilliant blog. I so enjoy reading it. Lisa you are a natural writer with a great style.

  2. Dear Jaq,
    Thank you for your kind comments. I do enjoy sharing our exploits even if we are a bit Laurel & Hardy at times....