Wednesday 2 July 2014

Braunston Boat Show

I am very excited about today, I have wanted to go to the Braunston show for a good few years, but we were always in the wrong place.  This year we are in entirely the right place and in addition to that jolly chums Mr & Mrs Yarwood   HERE     are going, plus David & Amanda too.  Anyone who has ever been to Braunston knows that it is a “Black Hole” with regard to any modern form of communications, so firm arrangements were made in advance by carrier pigeon. 
Having the car is so much fun, we were able to do a taxi pick up for The Yarwoods and whiz on into town,  by complete chance Amanda & David (The Boat Sharers- or so they call themselves) drove into Braunston at the exact same time, him doing high speed handbrake turn to make the junction.
We had a table booked at The Admiral Nelson for later so we parked in their carpark and walked along the nice newly laid towpath towards the marina and all the action.
The Parade or is it a ‘Sail Past’ was just beginning.  The commentator gave potted histories to all the boats, it was jolly interesting, but don’t expect me to have all that here for you, instead I would urge you to go visit yourselves next year.
But here are a few pictures to paint the scene.

Lesley pointing out to me that when fully laden this boat would be down to here.

Sarah from NB Chertsey   HERE

Three Ice Breaker hulls

Bones and Amanda, Bones is very camera shy.  HERE


Time to leave

PS  I went to the loo for three minutes and this is what I find on my camera today. 

Lunch was Buffalo Burgers, delicious, we shall see their cousins in a few days time…. 

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