Thursday 31 July 2014

A lazy day, hurrah.

Well David must have read yesterdays blog entry as today was a very very nice lazy day.  He was up at goodness knows what time, I heard him finishing off last nights washing up, then that lovely silence!  He went off blackberrying, to a secret location we discovered two years ago when slightly lost and looking for the towpath again.  In fact only a few were ready there.  Its a pity we shall be away from here for a while as the birds will have them I reckon.  So Brambly’s are now on the shopping list.

Last nights mooring in the shadow of the Laughton Hills.

We pulled the pins at about 8:30 and trollied off.  It was sunny and not a cloud in the sky, although that didn’t last terribly long. 
An uneventful run down the Leicester Arm with its  beautiful scenery.  It was quiet too.

A lone boat moored up at The Welford Arm.

I drove for 15 mins, went a bit mad on a corner, then suddenly I had had enough, this did coincide with the start of Test Match Special.  Now I do like cricket, I have been to many matches at Sussex and Lords, I love the sitting in deck chairs bit with nice M&S picnic, but I cannot bear TMS so off I went to the front, rolled up the cratch cover and sat tin the sun reading the end of my book.  This is a luxury I never normally take part in, but I liked it……

Sunny warm and no boats.

We spotted our Old Gentleman again too and pulled up to have a quick chat…
see April  HERE
This lovely elderly boater is very well and still out on his own enjoying life, wildlife, his books and it seems plenty of friends.  We parted after a chat and look forward to seeing him later on in the year.

We came around the corner to bridge 22 and no one there so we had the long run of armco to ourselves.  Moored up, books out and late lunch was served.

Much later the sky now pretty much clouded up had turned very dark, 
David nipped off to put on the tonneau cover on our semi trad back end and not a second too soon either as the heavens opened with thunder and lightening thrown in too.

You can't see him but a boat just went past in this...

Not that we sniggered or anything, but several boats came past us at the height of the downpour when visibility was so poor.  One actually has moored up here too, on this long long empty stretch, he is right on our tail!

Skinny supper for us today as we are on the 5:2 Diet Plan, lightly sautéed salmon steaks, french beans and just two new potatoes each.  I fancy a magnum tomorrow, on this diet I can have two.

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