Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pink and fluffy...? Nope scratched and stung!

I had been promised a nice fluffy lie in today, tea and reading in bed and no “Are you getting up yets”.  I did however get invited on a nice flat walk, over here, up there, round here and to the pub  (for a low calorie drink as it was a skinny day), back to the boat in an hour plus however long we decided to be in the pub.   
An offer no girl could resist.  
So as it was a chilly start I foolishly took a fleece, five minutes into the walk I was boiling and had to carry the bloody thing.  
Very happy as I spotted a new bird for me, a bright yellow one.  As a precaution I did put on two pairs of socks and my new-ish walking boots…. Thank goodness I did.
So the first bit, go along the canal and turn left. No problems so far, then as a taster of things to come, the footpath disappeared, completely.  Now Reader I can hear you saying, footpaths don’t just disappear but here in darkest Warwickshire they do.

Victorian barn with stables attached for storage of sleepy working horses onsite at the end of a working day.  How farming has changed in a relatively short time.

David has this theory that in Leicestershire where we have wandered about quite a bit around Home Sweet Debdale, the paths and bridal ways are well marked and maintained maybe something to do with all the Horsey people and them being well used….?  However here, no signs, no Yellow topped poles, no nuffink.  We ended up scrabbling over fences where paths were marked on our map  (You remember how David loves his maps), trying to open walkers gates unused and grown over thick with brambles.  
By the time we got to the pub, The Butchers Arms at Priors Hardwick I was hungry and hot, a sandwich was wanted.  The barman in a jacket and tie said no bar food as this just a restaurant.  I giggled and said Oh no I am not dressed for a restaurant, I was in shorts, tee shirt, mad hat hair and attractive walking boots.  He said Oh no we have all sorts here, walkers and even Boaters  actually you look better than most!!!!!  
David wasn’t completely sure how to take this.

He escorted us to the patio and gave us cushions to sit on…..  The first thing on the menu I saw was Beef Capriccio. Well that was that, our favourite Italian dish of all time.  If they weren’t embarrassed to look at me then fine, skinny day out the window and beef was ordered.
Lovely meal,  silver service and large portions.

Little bit of iffy brickwork in-between top and ground floor windows.  Someone likes straight lines, look at that creeper trimmed neatly!

The Butchers Arms at Priors Hardwick, thought to have been built to accommodate the church builders in the 1300's

Ancient house but David really likes this tree, he planted one in our garden years ago.

Home to the boat.  
"Just downhill" he said.  "Path on the corner of the road", “Where’s the sun?” says he….  There it was, but this time the walkers gate was neck high in nettles.  Marvellous.

I love these ancient fields with the "Strip's" still clearly visible, walking over land farmed by men 900 years ago.

This was clearly the best path of the day, but here I cut myself and had blood dripping down..

These were all stingers here, we managed to find this pathway, others had entirely grown over. 

Eventually we found another way, all the time having to go further away from the required direction.  We were unable to follow intended short cut and ended up having to follow the tow path which here on the South Oxford is über bendy, we had to walk 3 miles more than we had thought and very rough under foot and lots of long brambles overhanging the tow path to get you in the eye too.
An hours walk turned into a five hour near ordeal.  I have many scratches and stings, all together not one of our greatest walks. 
Boat finally, boots off, tea made and naps the sun all around, to what was left of it

I am going to join the Militant Wing of The Ramblers Association, Priors Hardwick branch  and press for DIRECT ACTION.

This was tonights sunset.  To maintain this moorings viewpoints next visit I shall send Sweetie Pie through the hedge with the hedge trimmers to hack from that side.
 Can'e remember supper, I think I had to eat a bar of chocolate.

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