Saturday 8 July 2023

Just got going then rain stopped play.

We had a relaxing start to the day, the skies were cloudy with some sun too, it's just a nice relaxing feeling not to be on a schedule. 

We have been on this canal just the once and it was 2016, all is forgotten and our Nicholson's Guide has not many clues in it as to moorings...  I kept thinking we'd moored here, only to think a mile on oh no it was here, no no must have been here...

An arty shot on the flight yesterday I forgot to put up.  It does make my eyes go a bit funny. 

This is a very sad sight.  With CART funds as they are, when will this be repaired. 

Colossal farmhouse, I was curious as to how many extensions have been added over the generations. 

The maize is doing so nicely, but it could probably do with some wet weather.

We jollied along very much enjoying the countryside.  There were a small handful of locks nicely spaced but with many boats arriving and departing so not really queuing but making efficient use of water and effort.  Hirers are usually are in such happy frames of mind determined to enjoy themselves, a pleasure to chat to.

Quite a flow on the side washes.

I do love a gateway.

Altogether a lovely few hours but only a few as seemingly within about ten minutes the sky turned black, oooh have a look at that David, shall we moor up? 
Well we did and as David scuttled in after putting on the tonneau cover the heavens opened.

Supper was stir fri chicken that followed some rest and relaxation as the rain kept going. 
Good for the maize.

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