Tuesday 25 July 2023

Can't wait to come again.

 Well without going into all the details we had the most lovely time in Llangollen, in the evenings we were serenaded by the concerts playing and in the day time we did the touristy things.  We went on the train up to Corwen, the terminus of the railway.  behind us sat a very Welsh sounding lady and her very English sounding daughter, she pronounced all the unpronounceable station names for us to listen to, then as we walked over the way to the town centre there was a zonking great statue of the man I had just read the first of a trilogy about, Owain Glyndwr.  Nice to put a face to a name, he was declared the Prince of Wales in 1400, the Welsh were not best pleased with the English back then.

We cycled up to Horseshoe Falls.  That is the very place where the River Dee is sidetracked off to start the canal.  Obviously  there the river and canal are at the same height but within minutes the river is way below the canal.  Further on by footpath is a charming wee church of Llantysilio.

We drank very good coffee from the cafe at the Basin, it has a charming terrace overlooking the town and rooftops, suddenly the sound of beating drums was heard as the Indian team for the Festival or Eisteddfod were doing their turn at demonstrating in the town small square.  There were several venues across the town so good access for all.

We walked up to Plas Newydd, I'd wanted to go there last time but then I was under the impression it was miles out of town, but it isn't.
The Ladies of Llangollen as they became known as, were two high born Irish ladies who hated their world and "Eloped" together to Wales, they scandalized society and lived very happily for over fifty years in Llangollen.  As time went on they enjoyed visits from Shelly, Wellington, Wordsworth and Byron were visitors plus a one Ms Anne Lister, watchers of the BBC might recognise that name form the production of Gentleman Jack.

On the day we visited there was a exhibition of the costumes from the TV series on display in the house.

From the grounds at Plas Newynn you can see Castell Dinas Bran, David fancied walking up it but in the end we ran out of time.

Photos below;

The River Dee, this taken from the pub The Corn Mill, it eventually flows though Chester.

The Steam Railway Station opposite the pub.

Downstream from the pub, if you spy behind the three story red brick houses you can see the canal buildings and cafe with its nice views over the town.  In the 1.8 miles since Horseshoe Falls you can see how much the river is below the canal height.

It's annoying when the photos load in the wrong order, but here below is the very beginning of the canal.  Horseshoe Falls are man made, the water is so clear here too.  It runs under what I presume is a pump house.  No boats can come up this far, or indeed from the basin, that is accepting a horse drawn narrow boat,  but today children were having a right hoot in kayaks on an organised school trip. 

A portion of the river is sidetracked exactly here, under that building and down a concrete lined channel that is eventually is the canal.

Horseshoe Falls, the river was exceptionally low this time due to the lack of rain they've had this way.

The lovely Llantysilio Church, first built in C15th, rebuilt and restored but there is still some original brickwork to be seen from that first build.  Robert Browning visited too.

Another view of the water intake to the canal.

Under the pump house.

The view of Llangollen from the canal cafe

View from the train of the Chain Bridge Hotel, we'd sat on their terrace in the sun gazing at a Dipper feeding on the exposed rocks. 

View of the bridge at the hotel form the train.

Welsh lady in the seat behind could pronounce this name.  Its the name of the land held by Owain Glyndwr way back in the C15th where he was proclaimed Prince of Wales.  Perhaps he worshipped at Llantysilio Church, its not far away. 

Sadly today the steam train wasn't available so we went on the diseasel.

I love these old railway promotional posters, this one represents the Chirk and the
Ponty wot-not aqueducts and the lovely stone bridge in Llangollen.

Can you see why crossing this gives me the screaming ab-dabs?  Nice picture though.

So the very smart lady sitting on top of my head saw me trying to get a selfie with David and INSISTED her husband helped, so he got on a chair and took a bunch then she insisted that he got on a different chair to get a shot of the river behind us.  I was very pleased with his work, so in praise of him you can see them too.

Hard to believe it now but we needed sunglasses and sun hats, had it of been earlier in the day I would have needed shade.

The river here over the rocks is mesmerising. 

I was all up for doing this type of boating but David wasn't really.

Looked great fun and no one died.

Thank you sir, a very nice photo of us.

Plas Newydd, this is the home the Ladies of Llangollen created and lived at for over fifty years. 
Right above it is Castell Dinas Bran

This was taken from the same spot as the one before but with my zoom.  

The last thing we saw was the parade of all the countries taking part.  Numbers are still down after Covid, but it was still great to see.

Greek dancers were very energetic.

I didn't identify this country as they didn't have a flag .

But she was amazing.

I'm thinking Trinidad


India, the drumming as fabulous.


If I'm not mistaken Kurdistan.

Ireland, I think they have a hair policy, all had shoulder length and straight.

Canada, not in national dress but very friendly and loud.

So that is our trip done.  We just loved it and I want to come again next year.  


  1. When we were in Llangollen more than a decade ago, there was some sort of heritage event on and the pump house at the start of the canal was open. There's a Venturi tube in there which uses the Bernoulli effect to pull the water through, so there's no need for an actual pump.

    1. Hi Adam,
      That sounds way too sciency for me, I shall have to google Bernoulli effect, is it another term for downhill?
      It's a pity it wasn't open when we were there. The town had made such an effort with flowers etc and was definitely busy even up at Horseshoe Falls, I think people would be interested.

  2. Hi Lisa, Loved your photos, all of them. We've "done" the Llangollen Canal twice on nb Cleddau, both times in September, so never coincided with the International Eisteddfod. However, many (seriously many!) decades ago I did a residential school trip to North Wales and we spent a very wet Wednesday on the Eisteddfod field. There was a lot of mud but also masses of colour as it was Folk Dance Day and I have a clear memory (and an ancient photo) of the Ukrainian Folk Dance Team, all very poignant now...
    I hope you have a good trip back downstream.
    Sue /Boatwif /nb Cleddau

    1. Hello Sue,
      Long time no see, more like years now I think. Well yes the nice weather made it so very memorable. Llangollen is fab and I could retire to there..... until someone mentioned rain. The locals we talked to were so welcoming, helpful and friendly, even the car park official told us where we could park for free! But in the event we didn't bring the car along, David left it somewhere in England. Actually we are home already, its not been a rest, I'm trying to get up to date before we arrive back at WaL.
      Thank you for the photo compliments too,