Tuesday 18 July 2023

Another early morning.

The next morning we left early.  We've done quite a bit of these early morning flits on this canal.  More than I would chose, it also means an afternoon nap.  

But the reason was that rain was forecast at 10am, heavy rain.  Personally I don't mind rain at all, but that's because I'm inside WaL and David is alone on deck.

It grew cold as 9am turned into 9:30am, I was in three layers and David in four.  

There are two locks to do in the middle of nowhere.  Damp in the air, I had my waterproof on to work the lock, as I got there a dog walker appeared wearing a tee shirt and shorts, I shivered just looking at him, but of course I'm from the south.  These Welsh are as hardy as their mountain ponies.  If we are in Wales, if not these Shropshire folk are hardy too.  I walked quickly to the other lock a couple of hundred yards ahead.  Now I was hot.

Alongside the second lock are adorable cottages.  One on one side and one on the other.  Stupid me but as it was now spitting I didn't have my camera out.  The access for these cottages was a track along the canal from the next bridge a way away.  So that means driving along a thin track next to water which I am allergic to and the sort of thing that gives me nightmares, so no retiring to here for me.
Gorgeous gardens, one cottage for sure had solar on the roof, canoes in the garden thick cushions on the garden furniture, a log pile and a romantic tangle of flowers.  In fact everything I would want in a cottage except that dratted track to get there.

After the two locks there is a long stretch of straight moorings on armco.  The rain had started good and proper so we passed on water and moored up.  David scrambled to do the tonneau cover and got inside then the heavens didn't open, the rain such as it was went away but the wind picked up.

We decided that even though it was dry we would stay put and enjoy the beautiful views.  The constant stream of hirers going past holding onto their hats made good watching.  Later in the afternoon we did get a couple of fierce showers, so weren't tempted to move on.

A pretty hint of early morning mist as we set off.

Bit fuzzy, but I don't remember seeing wooden planks on the canal edge before.

One of those early morning still water shots I'm fond of.

So from this long straight mooring, Welsh hills in the distance.

Then seemingly out of nowhere the sky turned black, walloped down and then...

Tea time the sun was a treat and the gale had subsided.

Now can anyone tell me if Mallard ducklings have the same coloured feathers?  If they don't, then everyone I have seen since May has been a female.

Supper was F&C's M&S though not a chippy.



  1. Hi Lisa, if you ever moor at Gayton marina make sure you don't get a berth on the side next to the canal. Normally you can drive from the car park at the far end of the moorings, park by your boat to load/unload, drive over the swing bridge and go out the main entrance. But the bridge has been out of action for ages, apparently someone tried to climb it. So Dave has to drive down between the canal anad the marina, getting uncomfortably close to one side if passing a parked car, and then turn round to get back to the car park. The ground slopes away on both sides to add to the fun. I stay outside when he does that, horrible, then I am on the canal side as we squeeze past parked cars to drive home. White-knuckle.

    1. I have had a thing about driving close to water and indeed parking overlooking water. If David is driving I get out out the car. Thing of nightmares.