Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Back onboard again all Bristol fashion.

 So we had a good few days at home, David even passed up golf and spent the days watering our new hedge.

When he was ready we drove back to Middlewich.  I had called CART to say we might have to overstay due to his injury but in the event we were only a day over.

We had planned to have a quick supper at the pub at Kings Lock called The Kings Lock.... the beer was evidently good but the chef was on his way home from a cruise in Alaska so no food.  Would David make it on foot to The Big Lock pub at The Big Lock, that is to say the other good pub here a 20 minute way along the canal.  We did walk there after sitting in the car 4.5 hours to get to Middlewich and I promised a taxi back to WaL if the walk back was too much but in the event Google maps took us a very scenic route through houses with completely mixed aged buildings which I found fascinating.  

The next morning off we jolly well went.  It nice and bright but windy with my hair blowing all over the shop when we finally moored up I looked like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, twice and in addition I had a wind burnt face the colour of a tomato.

It had been a lovely run though gorgeous countryside, freezing but with my first sighting of a Swallow or Swift or House Martin and my first Kingfisher of the year, no photo of course as they are so speedy  but I sat with the camera ready for ages afterwards just in case we saw him again.

No chance.

The birds were singing Chiffchaffs for sure and other small unseen twitterers.
As the morning went on and the wind picked up and we were looking for a mooring out of the wind, in the sun for the solar, with a view, on armco.  Well eventually we stopped between the two locks in just such a place.

Here we are approaching the first lock.  There was a queue, we were the fourth boat.

Our mooring view tonight, looks warm doesn't it?  The gale subsided eventually.

Supper was fishcakes and broccoli.



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