Friday 2 July 2021


I forgot to say that somewhen onver the last few days we moved from thethe lovely open meadows above Somerton Lock to the lovely open meadows below Somerton Lock.  
I remember from last time at the lock that the chimney from the angle I photographed it looked uneven, today they had scaffolding up!

Lovely mooring if you like open uninterrupted views.

And the lift bridge is up too.

I'd had problems in the past opening the bottom gate with the weight of it, I'd fully intended to be on the boat so letting David operate it but as I took this photo and realised that WaL was going down without me, I'm pleased to report the gates are much more balanced and much easier to open.

It's impossible to pass by here and not take a photo.

We both have been looking forward to returning to Rousham Gardens again.  The gardens come up to the stone bridge at Lower Hayford and the entrance is only about a 15 walk from the moorings at Lower Heyford, well worth it.

Its been three years and these gardens are unusual in that, as they say on their website, it's uncommercialised, unspoilt, no tea rooms, no children and no dogs.  It's open every day except Christmas Day and if I lived nearer I'd visit weekly.  Bring a picnic and spend the day they say.  So we did, well several hours.
The sun shone and everything in the world was jolly.


Can you smell this? I still can.

I love Foxgloves.

As you can see today was an ideal day to visit due the it being hot and sunny for one day anyway.  Not many benches here but we found one in the Rose Garden and simply sat taking in  the perfumes and watching the birds dart about all over the place.

We returned to Somerton and sat outside reading and relaxing in the sun until late.

Picnic was David's speciality, egg and tomato sandwiches. 


  1. What a lovely garden to visit!

  2. Lisa,

    I have been indulging in nostalgia and just read all of 2019's boating posts. I saw, to my horror, that you had commented on my post cruise report that I had not mentioned the fabulous and much awaited four visitors we had at Alvechurch. And more horror that I did not read your comment then or amend the post to include you.

    My sincere and heartfelt apologies - it was so great to meet all of you after much reading of both of your blogs. And you were both so kind in lending us your car for the weekend!

    We haven't been back to the boat since, and I felt sad reading the posts of the last few days of that cruising season.

    Hopefully next year - please get rid of the Johnson Variant of COVID so we can come back!


    1. Dear Marilyn,
      Nothing to forgive. We all are looking forward to your return to these shores whenever that maybe. Get jabbed and get over here!!!!

      Lisa x

    2. Today, a mere 21 months late, I have amended the post ...

      We are meant to be being vaccinated this month - waiting patiently at the moment! But no coming back this season, that is for sure!