Friday 30 April 2021

That's not old, it's maturing.

So we set off very early from Fradley Village, when I say we I mean David as I was still in bed but he's a trooper and an insomniac.  I rose later, as we approached Streethay Wharf where this boat caught my eye and immediately made me think of Adam Porter's one time review of an orange new boat in an article of his in Canal World taking out new boats to try them.  One time when he described the boat as being "A bold choice of colour" that expression has become a frequently used expression in our household describing anything from my new dress, to a picture or to David's new golf shoes.


Nice doggie.

So farming news, the land in this area is admired by my ex-farmer all the way along.  Note the fine soil, he thought would be already planted with maize, that is sweetcorn for stock in the winter which ends up looking like chopped dead weeds however cow love it and its very nutritious.   I'll show you more later in the year.


We've seen some large flocks? Families? Clutches? of ducklings the biggest was 12, however in this brood of Moorhens there were five, I kid you not five, one was out of shot but they are speedy black puffs when they don't want to be photographed.

I know it looks like four but there were five....

Here is the fifth.

Seems like more and more poly-tunnels around here, we think this one had asparagus in it.  Ugly as heck aren't they but David reminded me that I really love asparagus.... It surely is a conundrum.

All the way along towards Hopwas were these beautiful views of rolling hills, nicely positioned trees, that is to say not spoiling my view, trees are okay in their place.  

The sun shone, the birds sang, David was busy on the phone for the most part and I drove without interference and Reader it was totally joyful made me breath deeply and smile.

Glorious views

Golden leaves in the sun just blooming.

Now help please;  Does any clever person know the name of this blossom?  I love this delicate single blossom and I want one for our garden at home, it grows everywhere around this part of whatever county we are in.  This morning on his bike ride David brought me a bough back but I'm still in the dark as to a name.


The two locks at Tamworth were in our favour with a boat waiting for us so I didn't have time to look at the fully artificial grassed and bedecked garden by the locks.  I will check on it on our return.

We faffed and fiddled to moor up, David wanted a bridge to this road to fetch the car in the morning and I don't mind where we moor as long as it's away from any trees, on armco,  got a view, sunny position, out of the wind and no neighbours.  We past a couple of crackers but of course he didn't stop.... blah blah blah same old.

Supper was Rogan Josh with a pack from Amjun Anand, absolutely delicious and a year out of date  HERE  not compulsory to have it out of date....

My daughter once sorted my larder out and there were things in there way older than that.  
No one died.



  1. Looks like a wild cherry to me. There is a smashing poem about them, all I can remember is 'all about the woods I'll go To see the cherries hung with snow'. Written long before the fancy double ones were developed! Still flipping cold, isn't it
    Debby x

    1. Thank you for that Debbie, there were plenty of them all along the way. At home we have three Crab Apple trees, two of which we think maybe on the way out.


  2. I don’t even remember writing that — and I do recall most boats! I must have blotted it out.

  3. Oh Adam, we have never forgotten it and still chuckling about it!!