Friday 16 April 2021

Getting going

 So the "Hard to get part" was indeed got and fitted by lunchtime.  A bonus is that the boiler is now running more quietly than ever before.  

Its situated at the back of the boat not too far from my head when I'm in bed.  Some freezing mornings David will everso kindly put the heating on for me on his way out on his bike.  This is a bittersweet kindness as it woke me this first occasion when I thought a helicopter had landed nearby.  

His wife is very happy just now.

After a bit of faffing we did actually leave the marina, we decided to go northwards for no particular reason, going through two locks to come to a halt north of Weston.  

It was lovely to be out away from everything Covid especially, with hardly any boats around.  The weather is set fair for the next few days and we hope to see a bit of the surrounding countryside.  

Approaching Weston Lock

Gorgeous sight at the end of the day

Supper was M&S lamb tagine.  David said it needed more apricots and nuts but when I have made it at home I triple the quantities of both.


  1. Lovely to have your blogs back again! The forecast looks great for some while, so I hope you have a wonderful time on board.

    1. Dear Julielynne,
      It is just fabulous to be out again and yes thinking about normal things like talking to people, all things that we all used to take for granted.