Thursday 15 April 2021

A sunny day spent waiting

 So we had a free day with which to wait for the "Hard to order" part for the Eberspacher boiler.  

Ed had warned us that if this part didn't work we would need to have a new control panel.  Ed seemed shocked at the price, David was miffed at the price but I thought it much much cheaper than a new handbag.

We went awalking, although yes I am sick of walking.  Reader if you are from a Covid free country and I know several people who are then you might not understand that in the UK, we have been limited to walking close to home for the last five months.  So that's 65 million walkers stodging through parks and over hills that left the footpath near our farm looking like The Somme in WW1, I got stuck wearing wellies one time.  But now farmers are returning to a normal frame of mind (That is David moaning about the dry conditions), so we trotted off to walk through the trees, heading south, from the lock at Great Haywood on the opposite side to the tow path.

There were Wrens, Long Tailed Tits, tree rats (grey squirrels) and the first opening heads of Bluebells.  I had forgotten my camera so borrowed David's phone.  Now this trauma of David going from an iPhone to a Google phone could be a whole blog posting alone but I shall spare you the trauma, but now I have spent over 45 minutes at this computer with and without wires trying to get the photos from his phone to mine.  If anyone can advise please do come and help me but I can't try any longer without a nervous episode.  
Just use your imaginations to picture the sun coming through he trees, the birds, no wind at all, green shoots sprouting through, seeing Shrugborough somewhat and one or two narrowboats passing by.

We ambled back to Essex Bridge the much photographed pack horse bridge that is well over 400 years old, sat in the sun on a fallen tree watching the small crowd crossing it, but not for long, its romantic but frankly pretty uncomfortable.

We went to the Canalside Farm Shop Cafe and had coffees, watching the one narrowboat pass by.  

Back to WaL, I did a bit of tidying and duster wafting and finished my book.  
A cracker of a read,  HERE  so I also had the joy of choosing the next book.

Supper was calamari and asparagus.  We talked about the morality of buying imported veg in this case from Peru as opposed to waiting a few more weeks for English, but I have to say Reader it was delicious.

The pretty sky tonight.

The wooded path so pretty

Shrugborough which will soon be invisible from here.

Essex Bridge so romantical uncomfortable.

Oh my I cannot believe these photos have now arrived!!!


  1. We use an Android app called "wifi file transfer" to get photos from the phone to the laptop. Phone and laptop must be connected to the same wifi. Available foc from the Google Play Store.

    NB Oleanna

    1. Thank you Mick, that is very kind of you, I will try it or rather download it and ask the nearest son-in-law to help.
      Amanda is my IT consultant but she is strictly Apple Only...


  2. Lovely!
    What is this Shrugborough place of which you write???


      Home of the Queen's cousin Lord Litchfield. He had a private apartment there after the Nation Trust took it on, the Hall is deadly dull but the kitchens and the apartment are far more interesting.
      I feel sure you must have passed it by on the T&M.

      The book is one of Barak Obamas book of the year, high praise indeed.

  3. Have just this minute bought the book on my Kindle.
    Thank you for the recommendation!

  4. It was the Shrug rather than the Shug that tickled me ...
    I featured in a BBC garden programme when some rotund grey-haired woman was arranging about 175 people to encircle the largest yew tree in Europe in the grounds of Shugborough Hall. We'd gone to visit the hall but it was Tuesday so it was closed but this Guinness Book of World Records attempt was being carried out. I blogged about it at the time and we had a caption competition with NZ Sauv Blanc as a prize.
    A few weeks ago my cousin from Surrey sent me a message asking if it was me he had seen on repeat ... I was amazed that he recognised me from the 3 seconds I was on screen!