Monday 28 September 2020

Sanding begins

 After disappointing results with the polishing before on the Ashby... sides left looking whiteish, smeary and awful, we talked to anyone who would listen and have put the idea (mine) of a repaint on the back burner and are having another bash.  The forecast this week is a mixed one, but the main thing is that summer is definitely coming to an end, we just want dry and will take cool if its dry too.

So my take on it was I was going to start sanding and David was going to start washing wiping and polishing, till the penny dropped and we thought a bad combination of tasks.  
So I followed him along buffing.  The results we are pleased with, finally, but as I said before it really couldn't have looked any worse and WaL is looking red again, instead of white floaty patches all over.... definitely a work in progress.

David cycled off while I continued sanding those doors, I carried on until the the battery was flat and both my hands were juddering and tingling.  He returned as the battery finished from his new favourite place.... He had a full basket of treats and supper, yes of course M&S Foodhall at Stone.

Dreadful state the back back doors are in. 

Emmm what does this do?

Later we were delighted to welcome visitors.  The fragrant Carol and George new Land Lubbers lately of WB Still Rockin'  HERE.

Frequent Flyers to this and their blog will remember that last summer we entered into a Boat Swap with them (they are very brave and like adventures) and we took over their luxury wide beam on the Thames and had a very sunny month living the lifestyle many would only dream about,  whereas they sampled the contents our our boat wet weather clothing cupboard for their holiday in the midlands, oh dear.

Read all about it  HERE

Well Carol and George have made another big decision in leaving the SPLENDID  Still Rockin' and are living in the Midlands in a house and frankly Reader they are looking very well on it too.

Well it was lovely to see them again and even lovelier to put down the sander down.

They are living now in the vicinity of Audlem Locks and they've kept two winlasses too.  They say they are happy to help, but you'll need their mobile numbers to ask. 

We kept our distances but did enjoy supper together of Lasagna, salad, cheesecake and Tiramisu.  
Great to see you both again and hopefully not too long till we do again.

WB Still Rockin' is now for sale.  She is a proven Liveaboard, so comfortable and classy.  If you too fancy living the dream, look no further.


  1. Thanks for the mention Lisa. It was sooo good to spend time with you both again and like you said, hope that we can do it again in the not too distant future. x

    1. You'll have to come over again, especially as I found that gadget of George's under the bench!!

  2. Hi Lisa & David
    Check out - Reflections Refinishing - on Facebook, I don’t know them personally but I do know a few residents at Mercia Marina have used them and seem pleased, don’t know how long it will last or how much they charge
    Steve & Denise - now “boatless”

    1. Well Hello both,
      Long time no see!! Sorry to hear that you are now 'Boatless' but obviously you need to go on and have other and new adventures in your lives. I'll miss your company, you both always made us laugh so much.
      Do keep in touch won't you?
      Thank you for the info too!!

      Big Fat Kisses,
      Lisa & David xxx