Tuesday 29 September 2020

Misty start but then its the last days of summer.

The next day started gloomy, misty and grey whereas David had promised me sunshine.  The dreaded polishing started again, we did the second coat and this time were really pleased with the results that has given WaL a much greater depth of colour that had been so lacking.  
Happy Boaters we were.  

Gloomy start, but I like the misty hills in the background.

I carried on sanding, my instructions were to not worry about the black bits (I was very worried about the black bits) but just take the old varnish off.... So I did but Reader once you start, correction; once I started I wasn't really sure what was varnish and what was wood). 
At the finish I reckon I've taken off 0.5cms of wood.  Then to use something called Wood Bleach, its supposed to make the black bit wood colour again.
I started then applying the new oily stuff.  The jury is out at the moment as to results.... 
I wonder how much new doors cost?

The afternoon was spent mostly sitting and not speaking to each other.   Not a row you understand but I've just had Robert Galbraith's new book delivered from Waterstones not Amazon.  I'm trying to be good and buy from a company that pays it's tax.  My golly its a whopper 900plus pages, I can't read it in bed incase of dropping it and breaking a bone, David refuses to hold it for me too.

A few days in and I'm on page 390, its totally gripping.

Supper was egg and grated cheese salad with lots of those tasty little salady dishes M&S do.



  1. Good work on the doors, Lisa!
    I finished the Troubled Blood book (on my kindle) last week. Excellent stuff. I am now reading Wally Lamb's book 'I know this much is true' - he is a great author. It is gripping and heart-wrenching. May have to go back to Georgette Heyer afterwards to distract me from the political nightmares in the US and UK, and so I cannot see any of the media coverage in the lead-up to our election...

  2. Marilyn,
    Since Brexit and then Covid I haven't watched the news since early March. It's quite liberating.
    I read now much more, far more productive.
    Oh and thank you for the recommendation too.
    Lisa x