Monday 13 July 2020

What the heck is he doing?

I forgot to tell you yesterday that as we were coming up to a bend around Stafford yesterday, a boat came into view, he straightened up after the bend and then something curious, he pointed his bow at us from his side of the canal and just kept coming, yes he just kept coming right at us, had David not been on the ball, frankly he would have rammed us no question, as it was David put WaL's 50hp engine in full reverse and applied the bow thruster to put us on the wrong side of the canal just slipping past his bow.  
Without slowing down at all he passed by us, just saying, "Sorry but there's silt there so I just had to keep going" Now I don't know about you but this seems to me to be madness.  
I think he should have just stopped not aimed at us and kept going without even slowing down.

So the following morning, at length, we set off, we hadn't gone more than 300 metres when almost the exact same thing happened, a narrow boat was coming at us, this time the lady on the back was waving crossed hands above her head to us, STOP! I yelled to David they must have problems... Only to see it was Pauline & Neil on NB Waterlily, now without looking back yet over this blog I reckon that we haven't seen them for three or four years, we first met them on the Thames at Teddington Lock waiting to go down the tidal section to Brentford on 2013.  So having cruised all of 300 metres we pulled over and sat in the sun for a couple of hours chewing the fat and showing each other photos of new grandchildren.  

I just love it when sort of thing happens with boating, a day either side and we would have missed them.

Pauline and Neil setting off again for Cheshire. 

Hope to see you sooner than 3 years next time.

Penkridge, empty!  We decided to land next to these gorgeous gardens.

Well we finally set off and had a lovely hot and sunny cruise to Penkridge.  It was a Saturday night and I was in the mood to party party so we went to Co-Op and brought new door mats for WaL.  Usually each time we pass through Penkridge we make a point of going to The Littleton Arms, but not today, maybe next time, I'll make do with new mats this time.

Supper was baked beans on toast with melted cheese on the top. 



  1. Lisa only you could make baked beans on toast sound like gourmet food! I'm just glad I wasn't in the cabin the following morning :-)

    1. Food of the gods Tom, food of the gods.

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