Sunday 19 July 2020

Wet wet wet.

So Reader, here is one of the white cows I mentioned last post but I didn't post the photo of them.  
A man that works here helping to install thirteen in line moorings alongside these fields told us that the owner cares only for these cows.  
Anyone want a mooring?  If yes move quickly as of last week, there were four moorings left and 16 people interested, here are you neighbours.

So we pulled the pins after doing some polishing on the side of the boat.  Hardly any boats moving, we had all the time in the world so rather a nice way to be.
Quite an uneventful run round to the narrows and then suddenly there are three boats behind.
Looks like we got us a convoy - Who is old enough to remember that Ray Stevens song?

Its very green and very narrow, I've always just called it the narrows, its bound to have a real name. 

Interesting rocky outcrops here.

Look carefully behind this boat to see the others, the last boat was cream.

Amazingly no other boat approached and they followed us further along the canal in fact just after I took this shot there was a sudden cloud burst, I even put on my waterproof trousers!  

I'm glad to say that each of these boats turned up the Shropshire Union Canal.  David and I had considered the Shroppie for this shot trip, but I had thought it would be too busy, I may have been correct.

After a good cheap pump out at Oxley Marine, a curious old wharf, where two very "Experienced" gentlemen appear to have the business, possible brothers, one told us that he lives in Yorkshire!!!!!  A three hour commute, admittedly he does not drive home each night.

We carried on with clear water under the boat and trees overhead, but it continued to rain.  When we got to Wightwick Lock there was no sign of any boats anywhere, so in heavy rain we washed the roof of the boat.  The rain and a few buckets of clear canal water did a good job.

We moored up  still in rain, heating on and wet weather kit hanging in the bathroom, great.

Supper was mushroom omelette cooked by David, he was keen to toss it but I managed to persuade him not to. 



  1. I expect that would be big Phil from Oxley ..... he did a sterling job on our alternator on Waterlily there a few years ago. He told us then he was just temporary and lived on his ( quite small) boat there.... he obviously liked it so much he’s still there !

  2. Hello Nev,
    Well since then we have met up with other boaters whom you will know well also singing Big Phil's praises.
    Good references are worth good gold, so thank you for thank.