Wednesday 22 July 2020

Risking life and limb in Kidderminster

We had enjoyed an easy run down to Swindon last night, but it had suddenly got cold 13 mins before we moored up, the heating had gone on and not at my behest but David's! 

Anyway today was bright-ish and steadily got better, I tell you this Reader because I am receiving photos of babies in summer romper suits & sun hats and having their meals in the garden, I have low level MOI (Missy Out Itus) say it out loud if you don't get.
Our sun cream stayed in the drawer.

Gorgeous wooded hills as a back drop to WaL

NOTE this wide gravel towpath here, more about the consequences of that later.

It really is lovely down here, the scenery is delightful, the people in general are chatty and friendly and the fishermen are the jolliest in the country I think, they smile and greet you, almost unheard of on other canals where scowling and muttered curses are the order of most days. 

Spectacular scenery to goggle at. 

Cookley, I think this is pretty amazing and worthy of the Dordogne.  Some of these houses shown below have "Gardens" which come right down to the canal itself, paths suitable for all breeds of goats.  Frankly I would be twitchy putting the washing out but all the houses were occupied when we cycled past them last year.

I would like to say hello to the owners of NB City of Durham, which has a big Pink Panther painted on it, the captain reads this blog,  I'm so sorry we didn't get to exchange names but hello anyway, did we met before?  David thought he recognised the boat.

Frequent Flyers to this blog will remember that we were here in Wolverley for a few days whilst we had our TERRIFIC solar panels fitted by Pete the Electrician ( He was terrific too email me for his details), but there was a kerfuffle here about a landslip, the lane involved is an old one, today used as a Rat Run by locals, the slip was caused by Severn Water's pipe leak and by golly a whole year later nothing has changed, the arguments continue behind the scenes of liability we are told.  If you look carefully at the photos you will see that the fallen trees are now sprouting covering up the Danger and Go Slow signs.


New growth coming along nicely, the road is closed to car access but bikes can pass by.  A local resident told us that he thinks the road, unstable in other places will not be repaired for cars, just access to the houses.

We had a big discussion about should we stop and enjoy a burger here at The Lock Pub in Wolverley, these are tremendous, but looking at the place, there didn't appear to be any Take Away signs, the clientele were not socially distanced in anyway and given that it was close to closing anyway we pushed on.  
We rocked up in Kidderminster, moored up right outside the supermarkets and went shopping in our masks and gloves and sanitiser.   The new norm.
We managed to get some kit for the boat in Tesco!  Seeing as the chandlers are thin on the ground you have to make do.

The sole moorers again for the third or fourth night I think in a row, no problems at all here in the town centre, well except the uncomfortably high levels of poo from the loathed Canadian Geese.

Supper was chicken bacon and avocado salad with coffee mousse surprise! 

Coffee mousse, very similar to blackberry surprise.

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