Friday 7 June 2019

Who took the plug out?

Today started well overall, David went off early to move the car and I didn't.  There was rain forecast in the middle of the day that we wanted to avoid so I did jobs which consisted mostly of playing with my new cordless Dyson, scrubbing out the bathroom and then I got bored.  David arrived back and we planned to go biking, but the towpath was poor and bumpy, so a walk then, but his bad leg was grumbling so in the event we stayed in the boat reading, I finished one book and started reading this  HERE  he writes with an easy talking style which draws you quickly in.

I watched these chicks for sometime.  Geoff on NB Seyella
HERE  once described them as having a face only a mother could love.  He has a point.  There were five altogether, I've ofter thought Moorhens are casual mothers, going off downstream without a backward glance at their young.  

Pretty and elegant.

I had an inclination that the ball of brown reeds behind was their nest.

The rain outstayed its welcome and we had lamb and apricot burgers with chips and salad.

The next day we moved off early.

We got through one lock and very much enjoying the scenery.

Last night's mooring and David drinking his revolting green tea.

These are lovely.

Masses of Crows/Jackdaws/Rooks in this field, Chris Packham would say leave them but my instinct is to shoot them along with all the Canadian geese.

First lock of the day.

So first lock fine, the second proved more challenging.
Somebody left both paddles up overnight draining the entire shortish pound.

I had a quick look in the mud for windlasses but nothing in sight.

I quickly wound down both paddles and if you haven't seen what they look like.

I went back to tell David, I thought it a good idea to phone CART, it was just about 9am.  I explained what had happened to the lady on the phone after a long wait, she put me through to the lady of this area more waiting  I half explained what had happened and then the phone reception dropped out, I really couldn't be bothered to do it all again.  David went off with a windlass to play with he lock in front and put some water down.  I stayed with the boat, made a cup of tea and fetched my book.
One chapter in and David was back saying its fine now, we'll wait here for a single hander to come down and Reader amazingly, we were only about 45 mins, I had quite thought that we'd be here all day.

I walked along for a warm up, oh my goodness the utter joy of it, the sun, the flowers, the birds and the luxury of having water in the canal.

The yellow flag irises came out while we were at home.  We don't get them down our way.

Red Robin, Raggered Robin, Robin-of-the-hedge or Campion nearly at an end.

Is this Queen of the Meadow?  Its a fabulous pink one.

Simply beautiful buttercup filled meadows, at a lock it said something about National Trust, so if this land is theirs they might be happy with buttercups as a crop but not many farmers would.

Sweet little aqueduct, water over water.

15 miles, we're going there.

Wild Honeysuckle in the hedge.

Back in 2009, the Boat Sharers and ourselves stayed in this wee cottage for a weekend, you can too    HERE   we had a lovely time.  This morning as I peered in through the front window, there was the house keeper, we chatted and she is the niece of the last Length's man, he and his wife lived there many years and this lady confirmed that they ate rabbit pie and rabbit stew most days!
Isn't it time Amanda we stayed here again?

Cottage at Lowsonford Warwickshire.

So we got onto the moorings here at Lowsonford, much of the moorings are under trees which I hate.  Grabbed my handbag and off we went to visit Packwood House, a National Trust property nearby, 

We were to have cycled but rain was coming so we went in the car, barely 4 miles.  Tudor in the main part, restored by a wealthy Black Countryman at the turn of the C20th.
Facinating with beautiful gardens. (Non gardeners could maybe change channels now)....

The glorious Packwood House, 

Unusual geranium 

A long purple boarder


no idea what this is.


I'm not an admirer of topiary.

Supper was chilli fishcakes with french beans.

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